3 Untapped Books on Photographic Memory Training

Reading is a great exercise to enhance your cognitive abilities including your memory. Here is a collection of different photographic memory books with practical training exercises so you can start boosting the power of your brain today.

These books were written by true masters of the mind who have studied how the human brain works for many years.

One big advantage that real books have over the digital sources of photographic memory training such as videos or pdf files is that you are way less exposed to notifications from your device and distractions in general.

3 untapped books memory trainingA Few Tips for Your Memory Training

Here is a list of some advice that you can follow so you can take the most advantage from your book’s memory training.

  • Set up a schedule for your brain exercises. It is just like going to the school or to the gym, you need to be constant with your reading.
  • Find a quiet place that is free from distractions. Turn off any electronic device in the room, ask to the other members in your house for a quiet moment so you can study in peace.
  • Always have a notebook close to you. I am not a big fan of writing over the book’s pages, taking notes in an organized way will enhance your memory study experience.
  • Ask questions every time you need to. Of course you can’t ask a question to the book about your memory boost exercise but you can always go online and find forums and blogs willing to help you.

If you feel desperate not getting the fast results that you want, keep in mind that you can also take a natural supplement to enhance your brain functions. Try to always picture the life that you want in your mind. Think of all the things that could be different thanks to your new photographic memory, that is going to keep the motivation flowing.

Secret Books Photographic Memory Training Books

We hope that in this list you find the right book you have been looking for to increase the power of your brain and your memory retention skills. All these books have practical exercises and tips.

Remember that this is not a recreational readings, follow the advice given by these texts in order to get the best possible results.

photographic-memory-booksMemory Mastermind: Supercharge Your Memory & Unleash The Power Of Your Mind

This is the first book on our list; Memory Mastermind written by Frank Gibson. The author in this book blames the increasing memory loss on young adults to the technology. As we have our electronic devices to do most of the hard tasks, our brains enter into an “stand by” mode that does not let them unleash their potential.

This book has a lot of practical techniques to enhance your memory, thanks to the strategies in this book you will be able to memorize virtually anything. You are going to feel more intelligent and more confident about your mental skills.

In the purchase of this book on photographic memory it is also included a full course on speed reading. A technique that lets you read and understand thousands of words in just a couple of minutes, a really useful skill to be used with your new eidetic memory.

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books-increase-memory-fastMemory Power: Techniques to Improve Your Memory

In Memory Power by Robert Davies you will not only learn how to memorize anything faster, you will also find little known methods to increase your learning, boost your productivity and improve your problem solving abilities.

People who have bought this book in the past point it as a real life changer. It explains you in a really simple way how the human memory works and which specific methods you can use to increase the power of the brain.

Once you understand the whole thought process. It becomes way easier to boost your cognitive skills. Because now you can identify the problem with your rational thinking and fix it as soon as possible.

You will also find a handful of life habits that you can introduce to your routine to obtain even better and faster results such as the foods that you need to avoid in order to have your cognitive function working at 100%. Remember that the saying “Practice makes perfect” also applies to your brain.

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eidetic-memory-books-trainingMemory: Become A Genius and Learn More About Your Brain

With Memory by Sherrol Stein you will understand easily the difference between the short and the long term memory loss and how to avoid it. One thing that I love about this specific text is that the author also shows you an special meditation to develop a photographic memory.

This book will not only increase your memory, you will also learn how to be more alert and increase your attention span. You will literally learn how to change your brain and get an enhanced version of it.

Some of the most famous techniques for memory enhancement included in this book are: mnemonic devices, buzzwords and input in parts. These and more memorization methods will be of great help in your daily life. Your family, friends and co-workers will be impressed with your progress.

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