How Auditory Memory Games Online to Train Your Brain

Here you can find a variety of auditory memory games online, these will help you to enhance your memory skills and develop the eidetic part of your recall skills. The auditory memory is the one that you use when you try to recall anything you have heard in your life.

Some people have better auditory skills than others. It is said that women have a much better auditory memory than men. They have less trouble to recall information that they have heard.

In the other hand, studies have shown that men have a much more accurate visual memory. This means that their ability to remember the things that they have seen is much stronger than the other two types of memories.

Enjoy of Auditory Memory Games Online


When it comes to auditory memory, you need to learn to train your hearing to catch as many information as possible.

This type of memory is helpful in a lot of aspects in your life, such as remembering conversations, lessons and also for gossip.

Developing the auditory part of your memory is frustrating for some people because all they want is an eidetic memory without doing any kind of effort.

This leads to poor development in the long run. In order to develop your eidetic auditory memory, it is necessary to make an effort and constant dedication.

For some people, it becomes easier when they try to make a game of it. To train in a way that allows you to have fun in the process instead of repeating difficult tasks without seeing instant progress.

The Best of the Auditory Memory Games Online

After checking through dozens of different auditory memory games online, we have found this one called Soundory. This is by far one of the best ones that you will be able to find to enhance your auditory memory.

It looks like any memory game, where you have face down cards and you have to flip them to find the match. But in this game, each time you flip one card, you will hear a part of a song and then you need to find the other card with the same song.

The objective of this game is to find all the song matches in the least amount of moves possible. You can play this with a friend. Sometimes competition is also a great motivation for memory games.

Remember that in this game you need to focus your ear to try to remember the position of the card.

The auditory part of your eidetic memory is only one of the main three memories that we have. Try to do different exercise to create a balance between all of the three. It is not hard to learn how to develop an eidetic memory, it is just a matter of dedication.

Not so long ago I found another method to enhance my auditory memory. I began listening to audio books every single day. First I started because I found out that I could download two free audiobooks from

After that, I started listening to my books while I was doing house chores like washing the dishes or cleaning my bedroom.

I feel so in control of my life and my time combining chores with learning. Also, I listen to them as I drive to work. In a certain way, my car is like a moving classroom. This has had a huge impact on my auditory memory as well as in my mental focus.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

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