What Causes Short Term Memory Loss In Adults

Do you know all the short term memory loss causes in young adults? Keep reading and find out everything that can affect your brain that might be around you right now.

It seems to appear that people are getting old sooner and sooner every time. This is because there are a lot of things around us that are short term memory loss causes in young adults.

We are surrounded by a lot of harmful things in our busy daily lives.

The most important of the causes for short term memory loss at a young age is the cigarette. Smoking damages your brain, it reduces the oxygen flow in your brain, weakening the cognitive connections forever reducing your memory really fast.

This is one of the most overlooked causes because the regular connection that we make between smoking and health is the danger in our respiratory system, mainly in our lungs.

Avoid the Short Term Memory Loss Causes In Young Adults

short-term-memory-loss-causes-in-young-adultsAnother of the common causes of memory loss is sleep deprivation, which we mentioned in our previous post about simple ways to enhance your memory by changing your daily routine.

Adding an extra hour of sleep or getting new covers or pillows can make a huge difference for your brain’s health

In the medication group responsible for short term memory loss in young adults we can find the antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, pain medications, and antihistamines.

The cause for memory loss that people most overlook is the bad nutrition of the body. We have fast lifestyles that make us try to take as many shortcuts as we can, this includes our food. We rather have something that we know is unhealthy but quick than something that will take us even an hour to prepare.

memory loss book pamela wartianProbably the most feared of all the short term memory loss causes in young adults are the head injuries.

They are more dangerous than you can even imagine. Even the slightest hit in the wrong place can lead to irreversible damage not only for your memory but also for other of your brain functions.

Have you noticed that most of the times, when people get scared or feel threatened they have the instinct to cover their faces?

It is not to protect the beauty, this is a subconscious reflex of our body to protect the head and also the most important organ, our brain.

You know what they say “In order to defeat your enemies, it is necessary to define them first”. If you are aware of the short term memory loss causes in young adults you become more prepared and more likely to do something about it to avoid them. Take care of your brain and your brain will take care of you.


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