Scripture Memorization Cards for Kids

Here is the fastest and most effective scripture memorization for kids. This set of cards is the perfect complement for the memory plan that we are going to show you today.

Scripture study is really important for most families in America and around the world. It is something that keeps people together and good values high.

It is easier for children to achieve complete scripture memorization. This is because kids have much stronger retention capabilities. They are like small learning machines.

Of course, just reading the scripture to them is not going to give us the results we want. You need to apply effective memorization techniques such as:

  1. Tool-assisted teaching.- This is learning along with visual aids. Something physical that helps us to remember anything we want to learn so we can create stronger connections in our brains.
  2. Emotional aids.- You can apply this thanks to the various gospel songs that you have available on the web. When something awakes a feeling inside us it is much easier to remember.
  3. Constant repetition.- The oldest method that has been used during ages. We are going, to be honest with you, it is super boring, especially for the kids, but it does work. This is the most time consuming of the three memorization methods.

Scripture Memorization Plan With Cards

We suggest you take a look at this set of 100 Scripture Cards. They contain the most important verses in the Bible, presented in a beautiful and colorful way to help your scripture memorization.


The art and fonts are detailed enough to give you peace of mind just by looking at it. If you use them correctly you and your kids will be able to learn all of them is less than a weekend.

When you are showing the cards to the kids, it is important that you read the full verse so they can repeat it.

Everything that you do helps to create more and stronger connections in the children’s mind.

Tell your kids to read all the scripture cards so they can choose theirs from the bible verses.

Make them use it as a bookmark or as a decoration in their rooms. This memorization plan makes the children read all of the cards without even noticing.

Keep in mind that it is important to keep the children motivated and happy about the scripture memorization.

That way, you are encouraging them to continue with self-study of the bible.


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