How to Remember Anything You Read Instantly

Do you often try to study but you just can’t retain any information? Here is a quick trick to remember anything┬áthat you read automatically.

This is a very common and also a really frustrating issue among students and adults. Reading a simple paragraph and not being able to recall a single word after only three minutes.

Today we are going to share with you a simple strategy that will help you to improve your short term memory to pass your test and improve your life.

First of all, you need to understand the reason for this problem. When we are reading, we have a though time focusing on the task even if we are not aware of it.

Our mind starts sending you a lot of different thoughts about your job, the school, your friends, your hobbies, pending tasks, etc. This gives us a really hard time concentrating.

remember-anything-readRemember Anything You Read – Easiest Method

Once you understand the real cause behind your lack of focus, you can start using this memory enhancement method for the study.

  1. Get rid of all distractions before you start. Turn off your cellphone or turn on the airplane mode.
  2. Set a timer to concentrate only on reading. Your brain will focus on the information easier if you set a short interval of time.
  3. Write down everything else you have in your mind.
  4. After reading a sentence close your eyes and repeat any word you remember from what you read.
  5. Whenever you finish a paragraph, close your eyes again for a moment and try to remember each word you mentioned before about the sentences.

The process to retain everything you read from books can take some time in the beginning. After you practice for at least an hour every week your mind will do it automatically.

There won’t be a necessity for you to close your eyes anymore. You only need to train your mind and your memory so it can focus on a single task for longer periods of time.

Once you have acquired this skill to enhance your memory, you will start noticing the improvements in your life in general.

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