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3 Untapped Books on Photographic Memory Training

Reading is a great exercise to enhance your cognitive abilities including your memory. Here is a collection of different photographic memory books with practical training exercises so you can start boosting the power of your brain today.

These books were written by true masters of the mind who have studied how the human brain works for many years.

One big advantage that real books have over the digital sources of photographic memory training such as videos or pdf files is that you are way less exposed to notifications from your device and distractions in general.

3 untapped books memory trainingA Few Tips for Your Memory Training

Here is a list of some advice that you can follow so you can take the most advantage from your book’s memory training.

  • Set up a schedule for your brain exercises. It is just like going to school or to the gym, you need to be constant with your reading.
  • Find a quiet place that is free from distractions. Turn off any electronic device in the room, ask the other members in your house for a quiet moment so you can study in peace.
  • Always have a notebook close to you. I am not a big fan of writing over the book’s pages, taking notes in an organized way will enhance your memory study experience.
  • Ask questions every time you need to. Of course, you can’t ask a question to the book about your memory boost exercise but you can always go online and find forums and blogs willing to help you.

If you feel desperate not getting the fast results that you want, keep in mind that you can also take a natural supplement to enhance your brain functions.

Try to always picture the life that you want in your mind. Think of all the things that could be different thanks to your new photographic memory, that is going to keep the motivation flowing.

Secret Books Photographic Memory Training Books

We hope that in this list you find the right book you have been looking for to increase the power of your brain and your memory retention skills. All these books have practical exercises and tips.

Remember that this is not a recreational reading, follow the advice given by these texts in order to get the best possible results.

photographic-memory-booksMemory Mastermind: Supercharge Your Memory & Unleash The Power Of Your Mind

This is the first book on our list; Memory Mastermind written by Frank Gibson. The author in this book blames the increasing memory loss on young adults to the technology.

As we have our electronic devices to do most of the hard tasks, our brains enter into a “stand by” mode that does not let them unleash their potential.

This book has a lot of practical techniques to enhance your memory, thanks to the strategies in this book you will be able to memorize virtually anything. You are going to feel more intelligent and more confident about your mental skills.

In the purchase of this book on photographic memory, it is also included a full course on speed reading.

A technique that lets you read and understand thousands of words in just a couple of minutes, a really useful skill to be used with your new eidetic memory.

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books-increase-memory-fastMemory Power: Techniques to Improve Your Memory

In Memory Power by Robert Davies, you will not only learn how to memorize anything faster, but you will also find little known methods to increase your learning, boost your productivity and improve your problem-solving abilities.

People who have bought this book in the past point it as a real life changer. It explains you in a really simple way how human memory works and which specific methods you can use to increase the power of the brain.

Once you understand the whole thought process. It becomes way easier to boost your cognitive skills. Because now you can identify the problem with your rational thinking and fix it as soon as possible.

You will also find a handful of life habits that you can introduce to your routine to obtain even better and faster results such as the foods that you need to avoid in order to have your cognitive function working at 100%. Remember that the saying “Practice makes perfect” also applies to your brain.

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eidetic-memory-books-trainingMemory: Become A Genius and Learn More About Your Brain

With Memory by Sherrol Stein, you will understand easily the difference between the short and the long term memory loss and how to avoid it.

One thing that I love about this specific text is that the author also shows you a special meditation to develop a photographic memory.

This book will not only increase your memory, but you will also learn how to be more alert and increase your attention span. You will literally learn how to change your brain and get an enhanced version of it.

Some of the most famous techniques for memory enhancement included in this book are mnemonic devices, buzzwords, and input in parts.

These and more memorization methods will be of great help in your daily life. Your family, friends, and co-workers will be impressed with your progress.

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10 Printable Brain Teasers for Adults With Answers

Puzzles and riddles are an excellent way to keep your cognitive abilities in good shape. Take a look at these printable brain teasers for adults with answers and have hours of fun.

A brain teaser is one of the best brain exercises that you can find. They force you to think outside the box and make you think in different ways to solve a problem.

Usually, the number of brain teasers are not really popular as most people find it stressful to deal with numbers outside the work or school. You don’t have to worry as these printable puzzles include mostly lateral thinking problems for seniors.

Free Clever Brain Teasers for Adults

Here you can read online the document that includes 10 different brain teasers to exercise your mind with the most interesting puzzles.

 We recommend you to get some extra copies so you can share them with your friends and you can discuss the answers to these printable puzzles together. You can also share this page in your favorite social network.

Riddles and brain teasers are an excellent way to keep your brain active and cognitive abilities. It is recommended that you solve a different puzzle every week.

Answers to the Brain Teasers

The solution for each one of the riddles is on the last page of the free pdf with the brain teasers. Avoid taking a peek into this page until you spent at least two hours trying to solve the riddle by yourself.

These exercises are really helpful for seniors and adults. You will not only feel better about yourself and your mental skills. You will be countering the effects of short and long term memory loss thanks to these brain teasers.


3 Pills to Increase Cognitive Function Fast

Are you a student preparing for an important test? Why not try these pills to increase cognitive function in record time and improve your life?

There are moments your life where you have a lot in your head to deal with. Too bad we don’t have a pause button so we can solve things one by one.

A lot of problems in academic and professional life have to do with cognitive abilities. Usually, people who have a really good memory tend to have it easier.

You don’t have to worry anymore because nowadays there are special memory training programs that can help you to increase your brain function and also literally hundreds of tablets to increase brain function.

Neuro-Enhancement Supplements

This kind of pills are also known are nootropics, they are meant to stimulate your brain function.

This helps you to boost your concentration, improve your reflexes and reaction time and enhance your reasoning and memorization abilities.

You don’t have to worry about using banned substances or even dangerous and unknown substances with side-effects. Today we present you with three different pills to increase cognitive function that is totally safe to use and you can even order them online without a medical prescription.

pills-increase-cognitive-functionsAdvanced Brain Function Booster for Memory, Pills to Increase Cognitive Function

This is by far the favorite supplement for cognitive function of many people at with almost two-hundred positive reviews.

The Advanced NeuroBoost Cognitive Enhancer is made with natural ingredients to increase the blood circulation in the brain and improve your memory and focus.

Some of the ingredients used in these tablets to increase your memory are:

  • DMAE Bitrate
  • Ginkgo biloba extract
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Vinpocetine
  • Bacopa
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • L-Glutamine

A big extra that you obtain by using this health supplement is that it has a really fast effect. This is going to give you a nice boost to your self-esteem as you will be amazed by everything that you will be able to achieve.

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neuro-enhancement-supplementULTRA IQ Brain Boost Supplement

If you need to improve your concentration and focus for longer periods of time the Ultra IQ Brain Boost might be what you need. They are probably the most effective study pills that you will be able to find.

They do not only help you to promote short and long term memory. The memory enhancing formula on these pills also helps you to increase your concentration. It will not be difficult to stay focused on a single task for long periods of time.

This nootropic will also give you increased mental alertness so you can study for longer periods of times without feeling tired or stressed.

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nootropics tablets to increase cognitive functionNeuro Plus Brain Supplement Nootropic

If you are a busy person who barely has time to sleep then probably this is the mental performance supplement that you have been looking for.

The Neuro Plus capsules will give you a balance between your feelings allowing you to really focus on your tasks.

When you need to get something done the right way and in record time then this is the brain supplement that you should be aiming for.

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6 Brain Exercises To Improve Concentration – Mental Training

Here we have for you the most complete compilation of brain gym exercises to improve your memory and concentration for free. Learn how to develop your whole mind with these stimulating routines.

Your brain is the most important organ in your entire body. It is the main control center, it keeps your other organs in your body functioning subconsciously.

You don’t have to do anything to make your lungs work, they just do their thing thanks to your mind.


Just like any other muscle, you need to keep your brain in shape to make it stronger and faster.

You could even prevent some issues such as:

With the proper training and daily brain exercises, you would be able to remember in detail anything that you want.

You could concentrate on a single task for hours without any problem.

Free Brain Gym Exercises

It is important that you set a schedule for your brain training the same way that you would do with a fitness routine at the gym. We recommend you to dedicate at least 45 minutes of your day for your mental exercises.

Here we present you a group of the best brain exercises that you will ever find. Take a look at all of them and choose the one that fits the best to your lifestyle or your age.

Left Brain Exercises

Did you know that the left part of your brain is in charge of the logical and mathematical issues while the right part manages your creative skills? In most cases, we need to improve our left part of the brain in order to succeed in life, unless you are an artist.

If you want an effective workout for your memory, concentration or cognitive skills, then keep reading this article and choose the right brain training method that focuses on what you are looking for.

In case you would like to work on right brain exercises, we suggest you take an online course on any craft that you are interested in. It may take you a little time in the beginning but you will be happy with the results.

However if what you want is to try some brain balancing exercises the only thing that you need is to diversify a little bit your daily routine. If you spend to much time studying or working, add a small space to relax and be creative.

left-brain-exercisesBrain Exercises to Improve Memory

This is one of the most popular categories among brain fitness. With a better memory, you could improve many aspects of your life; at home, school or work, you will not only perform better but everyone will praise you for your memorization skills.

  • Read our post on how to develop an eidetic memory to get in detail the full training on how to virtually take pictures with your mind.
  • Being well-rested has a huge influence on your brain power, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. If it is just impossible for you then try some meditation exercise to get rid of stress.

Brain Exercises for Adults

One of the biggest fears in young adults and seniors in the short term memory loss but you can’t counter that with proper daily brain exercises.

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning and write down everything you need to do that day. This will help you to focus better during the day and if you feel like you are forgetting something just take a look at your list.
  • Keep your body hydrated. This enhances the flow of oxygen through your body which is excellent for your mental health. This will work even better if you also start an aerobics routine.
  • Learn something new every day, remember that you need to keep your brain in good shape just like any other muscle in your body. Wikipedia is a great source to learn interesting stuff.

brain-exercisesBrain Gym Exercises for Kids

It is important that you help your kids to develop their memory and focus on games and exercises.

If you think that your toddler already has an excellent memory, you can make them take the photographic memory test for kids which also includes a full pdf guide for free on how to boost the memory of your children.

Remember that the earlier years are the most important during the development of the human brain.

Children are like knowledge sponges and it is really easy for them to learn any kind of new information.

Brain Exercises to Improve Concentration

Nowadays attention disorder has become one of the biggest issues with children and young adults. It is a really stressful problem for some people because they have that desire to work hard but they just can’t manage to focus on a single task for a long period of time.

  1. Start by measuring your average focus span.
  2. Set a stopwatch when you start doing any task and stop it when you start feeling bored or distracted by anything else, write the time down.
  3. Repeat this during the entire day every time you start working on something.
  4. The next day set a timer on the average work time that you got the previous day.
  5. When the timer rings stop working on your task and do something else for one minute.
  6. Then set the timer again and continue with your work.

With this exercise you would be controlling your distraction spans, allowing you to focus during more time on your job. Try to reduce these distraction time by 5 seconds every day. You will be amazed at the results.

Cognitive Brain Exercises

There is a way to increase your knowledge on a certain topic in a small period of time. Boosting your cognitive skills with this brain training will be a great help at school or work.

In this case quantity is more important than quality, if you want to study for a test it is better to have short study sessions of 15 minutes throughout your day than try to do it for 2 hours straight.

Share your knowledge. One of the most overlooked brain sharpening exercises to improve your learning skills. You could write an online article or help a friend who is struggling with the same topic. When you teach what you know you reinforce your memories.


How To Stop Forgetting What You Were Just Going To Do

Are you still young and feeling that your mind just can’t catch any piece of information? Do you keep forgetting everything you learn in just a couple of hours?

Well, you should not worry because you are not alone. There are hundreds of other people in your country who are dealing with the same situations.

Let me tell you that it is a good thing that you are reading this article today. You have come to this website because you realize that you need help to enhance your memory or at least return it back to normal.


Here is a small list of the most common problems related to memorization in young people:

  • You forget what you were supposed to be doing.
  • You keep forgetting where you put things.
  • You can’t remember the names of your friends.
  • You have trouble understanding ‘easy’ things.

If you feel identified with any of the listed problems then I might have the answer that you have been looking for to fix your memory issues.

There are two things that you need to do if you want to solve your problem and stop forgetting things. You could even develop photographic memory with the proper training.

Discover Why You Have Been Forgetting Things Lately

You realize that it is a problem because you know that you didn’t have a bad memory in the past. You became self-conscious of your short memory loss problem and this causes a lot of stress in you.

You might even feel furious or frustrated at yourself because of this.

Pay attention to everything that you do every day. You might even start writing a journal so you don’t miss any detail. What has changed in the last few months or years? Is there a stressful situation that has been bothering you?

Stress and tension are the main causes of bad memory in teens and young adults. This leads to a lot of problems such as insomnia, headaches and even digestive disorders. All of these together become a real problem to your mental health.

dont-forget-important-thingsEnhance Your Memory With Simple Routines

It is easy to change your life and stop forgetting things.

There is nothing wrong with you or with your mind. You can do a couple of simple things to increase your memorization skills.

Have a hot beverage before going to bed. Scientific research has proven that a hot drink before sleep is good to relax your mind and body.

A good night of sleep is essential for the development of your brain. While you sleep your brain stores all the important information in your long-term memory.

Write everything you need to remember. This is an excellent exercise, you probably tend to say ‘Nah, I’ll remember it’

But there are dozens of things that you need to remember every day, this is a lot of extra pressure for you and your brain. If you write everything down, then the only thing you would need to remember is to look at your notes.

Try a memory enhancer pill. This kind of medication is 100% natural and designed to boost your brain power without any side effect.

You can use them as an aid to focus and concentrate on your job or school. You can read all about it in our article Does the Photographic Memory Pill Exist?


The first step to recover your good memorization skills is to recognize that you keep forgetting important things and that you need help. Give yourself some space to relax and order your thoughts. Try to do everything you can to release some pressure and stress and your memory problems will be easily solved.


4 Easy Methods to Fight Memory Loss Causes

Are you aware that you can easily find memory loss causes that you could avoid in no time and just a little forward thinking?

Just as people get older, losing a few functions is totally normal. The body becomes weaker and much more temperamental after many years of heavy use.

Bones may creak additionally muscle tissue slacken. Your mind also weakens as we grow older and also memory loss may become apparent.

However, simply because something is regular will not allow it to be inevitable. Lots of the elderly have stronger and flourishing bodies, simply because they actively work to construct and build up that strength.

Memory Loss Causes and Treatment

It really is harder to accomplish than possessing a younger body, however, it is always worth your time and effort. You are able to grow your brain muscle tissue in this same manner.

Here you may determine a few of the reasons for memory loss, along with four steps you can take to help keep your mind active.

memory-loss-causes-diet1. Diet and Exercise

Anytime health is up for grabs, no conversation is comprehensive without having a closer glance at exercise and diet.

Your whole body is fed with what you eat. A good number of people neglect to realize is the fact that your mind can not function without the right nutrients and much-needed oxygen circulation either.

Moving the body not just develops strength and muscle tissue, but provides nourishment to the brain, arising stagnant areas and also minimizing memory loss.

With regards to food, the old wives’ story about fishes as brain foods is truer than you may have actually thought. B nutritional vitamins and Omega-3 acids can subscribe to brain functionality.

2. Drugs and Alcohol

It isn’t nuclear science to determine that individuals who desire a wholesome lifestyle have a tendency to steer clear of both alcohol and drugs.

What exactly isn’t quite as evident may be the specific effect why these choices might have on memory and also brain functionality.

Liquor comes with a cumulative impact on your brain. While underneath the immediate effects, brief memory is curbed.

With frequent use, most of these pathways may become permanently damaged which is among the memory loss causes that may ruin entire families. Furthermore, critical nutrients could be blocked by drugs and alcohol.

memory-loss-causes3. Work That Muscle

Wait, did not we already speak about exercise? Unlike physical activity, that enhances the necessary oxygen flow to your mind, this category relates to mental exercises.

If you are not working your mind, it’s going to go wrong for you personally.

Those who trigger their brain while they age are proven to live longer and much more fulfilling lives.

This is as straightforward as carrying out crossword puzzles or perhaps going for a class. Make your self mentally challenged plus alert and also this is among the memory loss causes in young adults that you’ll successfully avoid.

4. Mood

The way you feel can actually play a role in the way you think. Depressive disorder and stress or anxiety have equally been from the beginning and exacerbation associated with memory loss.

Working with these psychological issues will help enhance your memory. It seems sensible that pointing worry and tension may take from your capability to work on your mind’s best.

Take back those resources along with other memory tactics and strategies turned out to be way more efficient.


Hyperthymesia VS Eidetic Memory – Which One Is Best

Discover what scientists found out when comparing hyperthymesia vs eidetic memory. The results are showing that hyperthymesia is very unique neurologic state by which people remember pretty much every detail of their personal life.

They appear to recall each and every event which has happened in their lives. It really is curious why these people spend a lot of time while reminding the last events.

You might not remember in regards to what you had been doing in an identical day a week ago, that which you ate, that which you wore, who did you contact, but individuals having hyperthymesia have the capability to inform you precisely each one of these.


It seems as though there is certainly a recording system within the brain in which everything happens to be incredibly stored. Bear in mind, their memory is just restricted to their particular life-events and that’s why it’s also called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory Syndrome.

Hyperthymesia studies reveal that those who have it can easily recall nearly every day of the lives in almost excellent detail, along with general public occasions that carry some self significance for them.

People impacted explain their memory as unmanageable associations, once they encounter a night out together, they “witness” a vibrant representation of this day inside their heads. Remembrance occurs with no skepticism or mindful attempt.

hyperthymesia-vs-eidetic-memoryThe Best Type of Memory: Hyperthymesia vs Eidetic Memory

You will need to draw a contrast between individuals with hyperthymesia and the ones along with other types of outstanding memory, exactly who usually use mnemonic rehearsal techniques to memorize long strings of very subjective records.

Thoughts remembered by hyperthymestic people are usually personal, autobiographical accounts of both immense and monotonous happenings as part of the lives.

This substantial and extremely uncommon memory will not are based on the usage of mnemonic strategies; it really is encoded involuntarily plus recovered automatically.

In spite of having the ability to remember your day for the week on which a specific date fell, hyperthymestics usually are not calendrical reckoners like many people with autism.

Instead, hyperthymestic recall is commonly restricted to a person’s lifetime and it is thought to be an involuntary process.

Despite the fact that hyperthymestics are certainly not autistic, and furthermore savants usually do not memorize autobiographical details, there are specific similarities between your two conditions.

Similar to autistic savants, those with hyperthymesia have a silly and obsessive desire for dates.

Scientists never have yet had the opportunity to describe this mystical ability but a brand new journal, Neurobiology of Learning & Memory’s July issue, provides the first medical discoveries about very nearly a dozen individuals with this uncanny capabilities.

Researchers studying this phenomenal type of memory – which they previously failed to think humans might possess – have found intriguing variations in the brains and psychological processes of the extraordinary number of those who can with ease recall each and every moment of the lives ever since approximately age 10.

home remedies ayurdevic memory

How To Use Ayurvedic Memory Enhancers To Boost Your Brain

Nowadays there are a variety of products, called ayurvedic memory enhancers, that will help prevent memory illness. You will find drugs and medicines along with natural memory enhancers that you could decide to try and make the mind healthier and much more active.

It will likewise assist you, once you understand what you’re working or dealing with. So let us take a moment to go over precisely what memory is? additionally, what are the factors to perform to deal with it?

To ensure that you have to definitely think about the need for ayurvedic memory enhancers, you need to understand first the point that it assists your memory.

Among the mental skills which our brain has is a memory. The same as some other skill, you are able to either be proficient at it or worst. Let us analyze memory in 2 parts: you’ve got the long-term and also the short-term.

How Does Ayurvedic Memory Enhancer Drugs Work

As the explanation for the terms says, short-term memory will not last for very long. For a given period, it could generally take around 4-7 bits of data at any given time after which it really is simply just forgotten.

The only method why these bits of data can stay in your long-term memory is you are able to access them through continuous recollection or memorization.

And also at this point in time, when individuals are bombarded with a large number of data each minute, it really is no wonder that individuals usually do not only have attention deficit condition but additionally will have low memory capability.

For this reason, the ayurvedic memory enhancers will allow you to maximize not just your memory however your whole brain functioning at the same time.

ayurvedic memory enhancerWorthwhile ayurvedic memory enhancers consist of concentrating on one task at any given time. A lot of us want to multitask that is understandable.

However, if you need to enhance your mental capabilities, then stick to this tip that is among the best memory enhancers you are able to take on your own.

As a result, hearing well, reiterating in your words that which you have paid attention to and reviewing the items you learned right now, for instance, will also be fantastic memory enhancers that you could practice.

Furthermore, you should be able to apply the usage of acronyms. And finally, exercise on a regular basis and consume a well-balanced diet regime. This may foster all round good wellness and more effective brain performance.

You do not actually need artificial mood enhancers until you are some of those that suffer from a devastating illness. As a result of engaging in these simplified memory enhancers, you’ll be on the way to a demented and Alzheimer’s liberated awesome years.

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