Free Military Photographic Memory Training Online

If you want to take your eidetic memory skills maybe you are looking for some serious exercises. A military photographic memory training perhaps? There are times when a regular or a basic training is just not enough for your needs and you are looking for something that will provide you real and extreme results through intense training.

The military photographic memory training is considered one of the hardest but at the same time most effective exercise courses that you can take. Before you get started you have to consider that this training is not meant to be taken by anybody.

You are required to have some basic eidetic memory skills before you can take this training otherwise you might get frustrated in the beginning for not seeing the desired results.

In order to take this training you must have serious preparation for the job. There are three main rules that you need to follow in this military photographic memory training.

  1. You need to dedicate at least 1 hour a day to this training. There must be no excuses even in weekends.
  2. You have to set yourself one goal for your new and improved eidetic or photographic memory. For example, being able to remember a whole page of an unread book by only looking at it for 10 seconds.
  3. Don’t forget Rule #1

military-photographic-memory-trainingEffective Military Photographic Memory Training

Before we get started we want to make something clear, this is called a military photographic memory training because of the intensity and the dedication that you require to complete.

We have no actual evidence that this eidetic memory training is used by the military forces.

This training is meant to develop your photographic memory skills, this means that at the end of this course. You will be able to virtually take pictures with your mind in a matter of seconds. The duration of the training is not fixed.

Some people might develop their eidetic memory is less than a month while others might take them even a year or longer it all depends on the in-born memory skills that you have or the previous training that you have taken.

This training is based in a reward/punishment style. Every time you get even the smallest progress you should reward yourself, having a treat of even a couple of compliments will do just fine.

The punishment is of the kind of taking away something that you enjoy if you fail on having the desired progress. For example forcing you to wake up 10 minutes earlier or turning off the TV 30 minutes earlier. This is to train your mind to do its best as much as it can.

For the specific tasks you need to complete en each session, take a look to our eidetic memory online training. This contains all the steps you need to follow in order to have an effective military photographic memory training the only extra thing you need to do is to add the intensity factor to achieve faster and most effective results.