How To Pick The Right Digital Clock For Memory Loss

This clear memory loss digital clock is just perfect for adults who suffer from problems with short term memory or impaired vision.

The Clear Clock is different from any conventional digital clock, it has an 8″ LED high-resolution screen. Really easy to read no matter if you are near or far from the clock.

memory loss digital clock for saleIt is the perfect gift for seniors who suffer from memory loss as this clock displays the day, time and month without using an abbreviation.

The big and bold display font is specially made to be easy to read for elders.

It comes with a 1-year warranty that covers any damage or defect that your digital clock might have. The Clear Clock was originally made for people who suffer from memory loss due to stroke, dementia or Alzheimer’s.

However, all these words have been removed from the packaging to alleviate any embarrassment. This makes it the perfect gift!

Features of the Memory Loss Digital Clock

You can place this digital clock on the table or even mount it to the wall. It has the option to show a 12 or 24-hour display and works in eight different languages!

Elder people who suffer from memory loss have found this clock to be a life changer. It is not only a device that shows the correct time and date. It has become a tool that they use in their lives to get over their memory problem.

The only downside that we have found about this clock is that it is not battery powered.

If the electricity goes off in your house the clock will turn off. It will still show the right time when the power comes back on.

Still, if this Digital Clock for Memory Loss was made thinking in people who suffer from memory problems or vision impairment then the battery would become a must.

At least a backup to work for a couple of extra hours.

You can buy this product from it is a little bit overpriced as within the same budget you can buy a tablet and set it up to do the exact same thing and that would have the extra battery.

Anyways this is a great product that has helped a lot of people to deal with their memory issues.


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