I Keep Forgetting What I Was Going to Do – Fixed!

Are you still young and feeling that your mind just can’t catch any piece of information? Do you keep forgetting everything you learn in just a couple of hours? Well, you should not worry because you are not alone. There are hundreds of other people in your country who are dealing with the same situations.

Let me tell you that it is a good thing that you are reading this article today. You have come to this website because you realize that you need help to enhance your memory or at least return it back to normal.


Here is a small list of the most common problems related to memorization in young people:

  • You forget what you were supposed to be doing.
  • You keep forgetting where you put things.
  • You can’t remember the names of your friends.
  • You have trouble understanding ‘easy’ things.

If you feel identified with any of the listed problems then I might have the answer that you have been looking for to fix your memory issues. There are two things that you need to do if you want to solve your problem and stop forgetting things. You could even develop a photographic memory with the proper training.

Discover Why You Have Been Forgetting Things Lately

You realize that it is a problem because you know that you didn’t have a bad memory in the past. You became self conscious of your short memory loss problem and this causes a lot of stress in you. You might even feel furious or frustrated at yourself because of this.

Pay attention to everything that you do every day. You might even start writing a journal so you don’t miss any detail. What has changed in the last few months or years? Is there a stressful situation that has been bothering you?

Stress and tension are the main causes of bad memory in teens and young adults. This leads to a lot of problems such as insomnia, headaches and even digestive disorders. All of these together become a real problem to your mental health.

dont-forget-important-thingsEnhance Your Memory With Simple Routines

It is easy to change your life and stop forgetting things. There is nothing wrong with you or with your mind. You can do a couple of simple things to increase your memorization skills.

Have a hot beverage before going to bed. Scientific research has proven that a hot drink before sleep is good to relax your mind and body. A good night of sleep is essential for the development of your brain. While you sleep your brain stores all the important information in your long-term memory.

Write everything you need to remember. This is an excellent exercise, you probably tend to say ‘Nah, I’ll remember it’ But there are dozens of things that you need to remember everyday, this is a lot of extra pressure for you and your brain. If you write everything down, then the only thing you would need to remember is to look at your notes.

Try a memory enhancer pill. This kind of medication is 100% natural and designed to boost your brain power without any side effect. You can use them as an aid to focus and concentrate in your job or school. You can read read all about it in our article Does the Photographic Memory Pill Exist?


The first step to recover your good memorization skills is to recognize that you keep forgetting important things and that you need help. Give yourself some space to relax and order your thoughts. Try to do everything you can to release some pressure and stress and your memory problems will be easily solved.