Hyperthymesia Online Tests – Symptoms and Definitions

Come and learn about what hyperthymesia is and its relationship with the eidetic and photographic memory. Discover why it has been called the ultimate form of memory that exists.

The hyperthymesia is entirely different from the photograpic memory or even the eidetic memory. Because as we have mentioned before you already have both of them inside of your mind. You may be able to develop them if you take the proper training for your mind but it is not the same with the hypertymesia.

What is the Hyperthymesia?

This is considered a medical condition of the brain, people who suffer from it have a super strong auto biographic memory that allows them to remember every single detail in their lives accurately. They are able to remember the exact date and time of certain events and even the weather of that day.

The problem is that this kind of memory doesn’t work very well with other things separated from the patients. It is even considered weak when trying to remember information about a fact or event that they have not experienced before in their lives.

Another of the big problems of this condition is that the people that have it are not able to focus for long periods of time. They are “trapped” in their memories and disconnect themselves from the outside world. This is a constant danger when they are out of a safe area or doing some task that demands attention such as driving, cooking or even walking on the street.

When the memories are being recalled they continue coming until they are completed or interrupted by external means.


Hyperthymesia Online Tests – How Can I Take Them?

Actually you can find a lot of memory tests online that can help you to test many kinds of memory such as the visual, auditive or even the eidetic and photographic. However, an hyperthymesia test is considered pointless by many experts because this is a condition you are born with.

If you present some of the hyperthymesia symptoms that we have mentioned before in this article then it means that you suffer from this condition. Maybe while reading you were interrupted by some random memory of your early life.

Another important thing is that the patients present a bigger frontal lobe of the brain than the rest of the people. They tend to have an obsession remembering specially the date and time of the events that surrounds them.

It is always better to consult with a certified professional than looking for free hyperthymesia online tests. If you are already presenting the symptoms then it is necessary that you get it treated so you can learn the best way to continue your life with it.

There is no known way to achieve this kind of memory, as it involves recalling that most of us have already buried in our long term memory. Some of these things are so hidden from ourselves that there are needed psychological techniques such as meditation or even hypnosis to get them back.

You don’t have to look at this kind of memory as an affection or something bad. You can always make the best from it. Experiencing the most of you can from your life will make this kind of memory stronger and even more useful day by day.