Does Gabapentin Actually Cause Memory Loss?

There are many rumors about the gabapentin and the side effects that it has over the memory loss in the brain. Keep reading and learn the truth about the mental side effects of this medication.

The gabapentin is a medicine used as an anticonvulsant and anti-epileptic. It is used because it is a great help to prevent seizures and pain caused by the herpes virus.

Always follow the directions provided by your doctor. We have no medical training and we do not encourage or discourage the use of this medicine in any way.

Remember that self-medication is never recommended and always check that you are receiving the correct form of a medication from the drug store. We have included this article on gabapentin because of the relationship that it has with memory problems.

Gabapentin Memory Loss Side Effects

Just like many other medications. The gabapentin may produce an allergic reaction to the patients. As the symptoms for allergies vary from person to person. Always contact your doctor if you present any kind of side effect.

gabapentin-memory-lossThere are rumors that the gabapentin causes memory loss as one of the side effects. While it is still unclear what you actually forget about recent events.

It has been proven that you might present some memory problems, suffer from headaches and have trouble concentrating or reacting.

This is only the mental part of the side effects of the gabapentin related to memory loss.

There are also emotional changes that you might experience as well as a variety of different physical diseases.

When you have been prescribed with this or any other strong medication by your doctor. Always pay attention to any of the possible side effects.

If you feel that anything is going wrong, contact your doctor immediately for attention. It might be normal but it also might prevent something serious.