How to Develop Your Own Mnemonics

As you are training to develop a strong memory you should make use of as many good mnemonics as you can find. Creating your own mnemonics techniques will help your retention capacity to grown stronger day by day.

The mnemonics are the things that we use to make the connections in our brain much stronger. They come in many forms and shapes. As you have learned before from our blog, there are different kinds of memory.

This is why it is good to know all the different types of mnemonics. So you can use the one that fits you the best.

Probably you have already heard of some mnemonics in the form of songs, rhymes, abbreviations or drawings. A set of movements can also be a mnemonic!

Online you can find a wide variety of “predefined” mnemonics that have been developed over the years by experts. This is made with the purpose of helping students in their professional careers.

The more difficult the information is to remember, the strongest the mnemonics should be. They are particularly popular in the fields of biology, nursing, first aids, military, and math.

What Do I Need to Use the Mnemonics Techniques?

If you want to make the connections in your memory as strong as possible then you need the right mnemonics techniques for the job. Remember that the brain is also a muscle and if you keep it well fit you will be able to achieve a real photographic memory in no time.

The first time creating these memory helpers it would be good to take a look to some examples of mnemonics. One of the most popular technique for memorization is linking regular and simple shapes with information or numbers.

moonwalking einstein joshuaFor example, let’s say that you want to memorize really quickly a new PIN number, they are usually formed by 4 numbers. Here is one just randomly created: 5107.

Now it usually takes people some time to get used to a new number. But using good mnemonics techniques you will be able to do it in just seconds. Let’s replace those numbers in our mind with objects that we know.

  • The ‘5’ resembles a snake.
  • The ‘1’ resembles a stick.
  • The ‘0’ resembles an egg.
  • The ‘7’ resembles a ‘t’.

Now to apply the mnemonic, think of a “Snake on a Stick cooking Eggs and drinking Tea”. I know it might sound ridiculous to you.

But that makes it way more easy to remember a crazy story than a random set of numbers.

If you just recall the phrase we’ve just created, you will be able to make the connection in your brain with the numbers.

Of course, most of you might find this mnemonic we just made even more complicated than the numbers. This is because each one of you should make your own mnemonics techniques.

Work with things that you like or, even better, that you use in your daily life. I guarantee that with a little bit of practice you will fall in love with the different mnemonics.