5 Steps To Develop Eidetic Memory Fast

Learn how to develop eidetic memory with our tutorial, you are only 5 steps away from improving your memory and transforming your life forever.

This tutorial is meant for people who are serious about developing their eidetic memory. We are not going to lie to you.

This is NOT a shortcut.

This tutorial will guarantee excellent results but it also involves hard work and dedication over a long period of time.

After you finish this tutorial and learn how to develop eidetic memory there is no turning back. Once you get the ability to store memories in your head like pictures in your computer you will no longer need any training. This is because you will be constantly using it in your life.

Before you get started we want to make clear that this tutorial is dedicated to developing only the visual part of your eidetic memory.

Remember to take our eidetic memory test to know which type of memory you are more skilled. This tutorial will work for any kind of person however if your strength is not on the visual memory part it will take you a little bit longer to acquire this skill.

how-to-develop-eidetic-meomoryLearn How to Develop Eidetic Memory Today


For this eidetic memory training, you are going to need the following items: Any book that you haven’t read before, a lamp and 2 pieces of paper.

Step 1

You need to schedule 20 minutes for your training every day for an entire month. It is important that you don’t miss even one session, failing on this could prolong the results for even weeks.

Step 2

Find the darkest room possible where you can train. Cover all the sources of light in the room, the darker the room the better the results.

how-to-develop-eidetic-meomory-easyStep 3

Open your book in any page. It doesn’t matter. Then turn onĀ your study lamp and illuminate one of the pages, you are going to focus only on one paragraph and cover the rest of the page with the pieces of paper.

Step 4

Read the selected paragraph as fast as you can. Then turn off the lamp and try to recall as much of the text as you can.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 until you can recall the full paragraph. Turning the lamp on and off faster each time. Continue the process with the rest of the page for 20 minutes.

With this method on how to develop eidetic memory, you teach your mind to work as a camera. Think of the lamp as the flash of a digital camera, each time you turn it on and off your brain will be trained to take a picture of it so you can read it in your mind while the lights are off.

After you practice in a full darkroom, try to continue your training in a well-lit room so you can use this memory skill anywhere.