How To Spot Causes of Working Memory Problems In Adults

In this article, we will discuss what causes working memory problems in adults and what you can do to avoid this ailment. Improve your quality of life by following a few tips to enhance your brain and memory.

There are different kinds of memory for different purposes. You probably have heard about the long term memory you use to recall things that happened a long time ago and the short term memory to remember things that just happened.

Working memory is the one in charge to make quick calculations accurately. For example, you use your working memory when you figurate out the route from one place to another or when you make small multiplications in your head.

Poor working memory can give you two possible symptoms (actually there are more but these are the easiest ones to identify):

  1. Take a long time to make a small and simple calculation. Also known as slow processing speed. The adult with this memory problem will take a long time to give an answer to an easy question.
  2. Quick but inaccurate answer. It is the most frustrating symptom of bad working memory. People with this problem will give out a quick answer to an easy problem but most of the times their response will be inaccurate.

Before I continue, let’s make something clear: most of the times poor working memory and dyslexia are not related one to the other.

While people with dyslexia might show similar symptoms to the ones I just described, the reason behind it is a bad input of information not because of a deficit in working memory.

There are other causes for working memory problems such as aging, poor diet, lack of mental exercise and even too much mental stress.

How to Treat Poor Working Memory

You always have the option to consult with a specialist if you feel that your memory is causing you enough problem in your daily life. There is nothing like a professional diagnostic when it comes to brain problems.

I also have a remedy you can try out at home at any time. This treatment for working memory is perfect if you want to improve it or if you are just starting to notice some symptoms.

working memory bookHere is a great workbook called Helping Students Remember by Milton J. Dehn filled with useful information to strengthen memory.

It is meant to help teachers with different strategies and methods to help students with memory deficit issues. But it also has great information that anyone can use.

My favorite thing about this book is that it has activities that you can try at any moment to help you train your memory.

You will learn useful techniques such as chunking, self-testing, loci, mnemonics, grouping words by category, study skills to strengthen your memory and more.

Repetition by itself is never going to help you to increase your memory. Give these techniques a try if you want to see real improvement.

We all have one memorization method that works best with our brain.

I understand that working memory problems might be really stressing but try to not worry too much about it as long as you are doing something to improve.

Set aside at least 30 minutes of your day to practice some memory enhancement tips from this book.

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