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Military Photographic Memory Training Online


If you want to take your eidetic memory skills maybe you are looking for some serious exercises. A military photographic memory training perhaps?

There are times when a regular or basic training is just not enough for your needs and you are looking for something that will provide you real and extreme results through intense training.

The military photographic memory training is considered one of the hardest but at the same time most effective exercise courses that you can take. Before you get started you have to consider that this training is not meant to be taken by anybody.

You are required to have some basic eidetic memory skills before you can take this training otherwise you might get frustrated in the beginning for not seeing the desired results.

In order to take this training, you must have serious preparation for the job. There are three main rules that you need to follow in this military photographic memory training.

  1. You need to dedicate at least 1 hour a day to this training. There must be no excuses even on weekends.
  2. You have to set yourself one goal for your new and improved eidetic or photographic memory. For example, being able to remember a whole page of an unread book by only looking at it for 10 seconds.
  3. Don’t forget Rule #1

military-photographic-memory-trainingEffective Military Photographic Memory Training

Before we get started we want to make something clear, this is called a military photographic memory training because of the intensity and the dedication that you require to complete.

We have no actual evidence that this eidetic memory training is used by the military forces.

This training is meant to develop your photographic memory skills, this means that at the end of this course. You will be able to virtually take pictures with your mind in a matter of seconds. The duration of the training is not fixed.

Some people might develop their eidetic memory is less than a month while others might take them even a year or longer it all depends on the in-born memory skills that you have or the previous training that you have taken.

This training is based on a reward/punishment style. Every time you get even the smallest progress you should reward yourself, having a treat or even a couple of compliments will do just fine.

The punishment is of the kind of taking away something that you enjoy if you fail on having the desired progress. For example, forcing you to wake up 10 minutes earlier or turning off the TV 30 minutes earlier. This is to train your mind to do its best as much as it can.

For the specific tasks you need to complete en each session, take a look at our eidetic memory online training. This contains all the steps you need to follow in order to have an effective military photographic memory training the only extra thing you need to do is to add the intensity factor to achieve faster and most effective results.

Eidetic Memory Games – Boost Your Mind Having Fun


Did you know that practicing eidetic memory games with a friend can increase the effectiveness by more than 30%? Practice these games with a partner and you will be amazed at the results you will get.

Sometimes the training can be stressful and very challenging. It can even be frustrating if you don’t have the correct motivation.

When you spend ten days in a row with intense training and results just don’t seem to show up. This is when the eidetic memory games come into play.

Maybe you have already seen some games that target your eidetic memory. You can play some of them online. But let’s be honest. Some of them are either really difficult or even more frustrating that the actual training.

Eidetic memory games are meant to be fun. They are meant to increase your memory skills without you even noticing. This is why we have brought for you today the best of the eidetic memory games that you can practice with a friend. You will be amazed at the results.

eidetic-memory-gamesThe Best Eidetic Memory Games

Picture this! For this game, you are going to need from 5 to 10 flashcards for each player. The size of these cards depends on you. The bigger the easier for this game.

Each one of you is going to draw something different in each one of the cards. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have great drawing skills.

You are allowed to use only one color in each one of the cards. Once you are done with all the drawings. You may begin the game.

  1. Each player shows 2 of the pictures to the other for 10 seconds.
  2. Turn over the cards and each player takes turns to remember the drawings of the other player.
  3. If the player misses, he or she gets a negative point. The player that gets 5 negative points loses the game.
  4. Each round adds 1 card and 5 seconds to watch the pictures.

As you can see, the concept is really simple, once you get used to the game you can increase its difficulty by asking the order of the pictures shown or to ask to name the picture and the color.

This depends on you and the progress that you have to develop your eidetic memory.

You can also adjust the difficulty for the individual players, that way you will both have fun, enjoy of a great game and increase your skills without having to worry if you have the same level of eidetic memory or not.

3 Types of Photographic Memory You Might Develop


Come and learn about the different types of photographic memory. You probably already have a stronger memory than you think but you don’t know it yet.

You have already heard that photographic memory is the ability that allows you to store pictures in your memory as they were files on your computer. Giving you the chance to recall them at will.

The reality is that this skill is actually called eidetic memory. The photographic term comes from the comparison of the mind with a digital camera.

types-of-photographic-memoryWhich Types of Photographic Memory Do You Have?

There are three different kinds of photographic memory. A person might have one, two or even a combination of the three of them.

Some people are already born with this talent but it is something that with the proper eidetic memory training you will be able to achieve as well.

Visual Photographic Memory

This is the kind of memory that all people would like to have. The ability to take pictures with your mind. Can you imagine having this power and then going to a library every day for a week?

All that knowledge stored in your mind in a matter of seconds. You could become a walking encyclopedia. Or using this skill to recreate a scene or situation. This might come really handy for artists.

Auditory Eidetic Memory

This type of photographic memory will allow you to recall everything you hear. Every song, sound or conversation. With the auditory memory, you will be able to remember a phone number only by the sound of the tones.

You could listen to audiobooks all day storing all that information in your mind instantly. You could forget about studying for your tests as you will be able to remember every single word your teacher or tutor said.

Kinetic Eidetic Memory


This type of memory is directly connected to our senses. This is the ability to remember feelings, emotional states and movements.

It comes into action when you are learning new dance steps. You might already have experienced this type of photographic memory.

Most people are not able to answer if you need to turn a screw clockwise or counter-clockwise to tight it. But once they have the screwdriver in their hands and they are in that situation, it just comes out automatic.

The kinetic memory is the reason why you don’t forget how to ride a bike or how to swim once you have learned. It is really connected to your reflexes.

We hope you have found our information about the different types of photographic memory. In order to develop them, you need to get in touch with your mind. Try one of our eidetic memory training so you can unleash all the power of your mind.

How Auditory Memory Games Online to Train Your Brain


Here you can find a variety of auditory memory games online, these will help you to enhance your memory skills and develop the eidetic part of your recall skills. The auditory memory is the one that you use when you try to recall anything you have heard in your life.

Some people have better auditory skills than others. It is said that women have a much better auditory memory than men. They have less trouble to recall information that they have heard.

In the other hand, studies have shown that men have a much more accurate visual memory. This means that their ability to remember the things that they have seen is much stronger than the other two types of memories.

Enjoy of Auditory Memory Games Online


When it comes to auditory memory, you need to learn to train your hearing to catch as many information as possible.

This type of memory is helpful in a lot of aspects in your life, such as remembering conversations, lessons and also for gossip.

Developing the auditory part of your memory is frustrating for some people because all they want is an eidetic memory without doing any kind of effort.

This leads to poor development in the long run. In order to develop your eidetic auditory memory, it is necessary to make an effort and constant dedication.

For some people, it becomes easier when they try to make a game of it. To train in a way that allows you to have fun in the process instead of repeating difficult tasks without seeing instant progress.

The Best of the Auditory Memory Games Online

After checking through dozens of different auditory memory games online, we have found this one called Soundory. This is by far one of the best ones that you will be able to find to enhance your auditory memory.

It looks like any memory game, where you have face down cards and you have to flip them to find the match. But in this game, each time you flip one card, you will hear a part of a song and then you need to find the other card with the same song.

The objective of this game is to find all the song matches in the least amount of moves possible. You can play this with a friend. Sometimes competition is also a great motivation for memory games.

Remember that in this game you need to focus your ear to try to remember the position of the card.

The auditory part of your eidetic memory is only one of the main three memories that we have. Try to do different exercise to create a balance between all of the three. It is not hard to learn how to develop an eidetic memory, it is just a matter of dedication.

Not so long ago I found another method to enhance my auditory memory. I began listening to audio books every single day. First I started because I found out that I could download two free audiobooks from

After that, I started listening to my books while I was doing house chores like washing the dishes or cleaning my bedroom.

I feel so in control of my life and my time combining chores with learning. Also, I listen to them as I drive to work. In a certain way, my car is like a moving classroom. This has had a huge impact on my auditory memory as well as in my mental focus.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

5 Steps To Develop Eidetic Memory Fast


Learn how to develop eidetic memory with our tutorial, you are only 5 steps away from improving your memory and transforming your life forever.

This tutorial is meant for people who are serious about developing their eidetic memory. We are not going to lie to you.

This is NOT a shortcut.

This tutorial will guarantee excellent results but it also involves hard work and dedication over a long period of time.

After you finish this tutorial and learn how to develop eidetic memory there is no turning back. Once you get the ability to store memories in your head like pictures in your computer you will no longer need any training. This is because you will be constantly using it in your life.

Before you get started we want to make clear that this tutorial is dedicated to developing only the visual part of your eidetic memory.

Remember to take our eidetic memory test to know which type of memory you are more skilled. This tutorial will work for any kind of person however if your strength is not on the visual memory part it will take you a little bit longer to acquire this skill.

how-to-develop-eidetic-meomoryLearn How to Develop Eidetic Memory Today


For this eidetic memory training, you are going to need the following items: Any book that you haven’t read before, a lamp and 2 pieces of paper.

Step 1

You need to schedule 20 minutes for your training every day for an entire month. It is important that you don’t miss even one session, failing on this could prolong the results for even weeks.

Step 2

Find the darkest room possible where you can train. Cover all the sources of light in the room, the darker the room the better the results.

how-to-develop-eidetic-meomory-easyStep 3

Open your book in any page. It doesn’t matter. Then turn on your study lamp and illuminate one of the pages, you are going to focus only on one paragraph and cover the rest of the page with the pieces of paper.

Step 4

Read the selected paragraph as fast as you can. Then turn off the lamp and try to recall as much of the text as you can.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 until you can recall the full paragraph. Turning the lamp on and off faster each time. Continue the process with the rest of the page for 20 minutes.

With this method on how to develop eidetic memory, you teach your mind to work as a camera. Think of the lamp as the flash of a digital camera, each time you turn it on and off your brain will be trained to take a picture of it so you can read it in your mind while the lights are off.

After you practice in a full darkroom, try to continue your training in a well-lit room so you can use this memory skill anywhere.

What Is The Reality About Edetic Memory


What is an eidetic memory? You might not know it but you have tons of terabytes of information on your memory right now. Most of us already have an eidetic memory but never realize how to develop it in the correct way.

The human mind is simply amazing; it can store billions of different memories instantly without even realizing it. We all have this power within us.

The problem is that not all of us know the right way to recall those memories from our mind. Everything is right there, we have all the information. The thing is that we do not know how to get it out of our brains to use it.

what-is-an-eidetic-memoryWhat is an eidetic memory?

The eidetic memory is the ability to bright back a single memory on call. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about a picture, a conversation, a number, a face or even a whole page of a book that you read in your childhood.

This powerful kind of memory allows you to do this amazing feat.

Some people say that the eidetic memory is something impossible because they can’t even remember where they put their keys ten minutes ago or what they had for breakfast last week. All because of a weakness in the short term memory.

The truth is that an eidetic memory is 100% a learnable skill. There are a few people who are born with this amazing ability but if you are not of those. You can easily learn how to have a super memory.

Once you are able to answer the question of: What is an eidetic memory? You will be able to begin your training. The human mind works making connections, the things are easier to remember when they are related.

For example, I could show you 10 random digits and maybe 5 minutes later you will forget about them but if I told you that those numbers are the winning lottery numbers your mind will work 120% harder to catch them and hold on to them.

It is really important that you understand how your mind works. Everyone has different mental skills; we can suggest you to take our eidetic memory test. This way you will be able to understand your mind a little bit better to make a real change on your memory skills.

Remember that there are some things that could be easier to recall than others but as long as you keep constant with your memory training you will have nothing to worry about.

Free Eidetic Memory Test You Can Take Online


Take our eidetic memory test to find out the true powers of your memory skills. Find out if you have the power within you to store memories into your mind as they were pictures taken by a camera.

Remember that photographic memory and eidetic memory are two different things. In the first one is the ability to recreate images with your mind.

The second one is the strongest, it will allow you to recall any kind of memories such as conversations, videos, faces, names, texts, numbers and even combinations of the different types of information.

How to Take This Eidetic Memory Test Online

The first thing you need to do is to find in which area your memory is stronger than the others. For this test, we are going to evaluate the three main areas of the memory: visual, auditive and kinesthetic.

Visual Part

For the visual memory test, the only thing that you will need is a pencil and a piece of paper. Then just follow the next eidetic-memory-teststeps.

  1. Look out the window or look at a picture for 5 straight minutes.
  2. Pay attention to as many details as you can.
  3. Then turn to the piece of paper and start drawing what you can remember about the image.
  4. You don’t need to have excellent skills in drawing. The only thing you need for this visual eidetic memory test is to remember the position and the different objects that you have seen.

If you are unable to draw a certain object, just write a note of what you have seen.

Evaluate your drawing and notes comparing it to the real picture. The closer you were to recreate the full image the stronger is your memory.

Auditive Part

In the auditive eidetic memory test, you need to hear to some random conversation on the street.

After a few minutes, when you are alone and relaxed, try to recall as many parts of the conversation as you can. If you want to be more precise on your results you may record a conversation from a group of your friends to compare with your test results.

Kinesthetic Part

Finally, in the kinesthetic memory test, choose any random non-musical video or movie. Watch at least 10 minutes of video, then on a piece of paper write the order of the events and movements of the characters using as many details as you can remember.

This type of eidetic memory is also known as chronological as it allows you to remember the order of the different events in your life. To check your results just watch the video again and compare with your notes.

After you finish the different test once, we recommend you to focus on the one that gave you the best results and give it a second try a couple of days later. Which part of your eidetic memory is the strongest? Focus your future training on improving the results of the test with the most positive results.

How to Develop an Eidetic Memory Today


The power of an eidetic memory has no comparison and it can be yours with the proper training. Develop the hidden powers of your memory today. This kind of memory is an enhanced way to remember things.

This allows you to recall any memory that you want on the moment and with all the possible details you can imagine.

The eidetic memory is said to be an ability that you need to be born with but this is not the truth. As with any other skill, you can learn and master this technique that will improve your life in amazing ways.

There are just three things that you need to do.

  • Evaluate your current memory skills with a test.
  • Choose the proper memory training for you.
  • Discipline yourself and enjoy the results.

Imagine all that you would be able to do if you could store memories in your mind the same way you do it on your computer. Just think for a moment in the endless possibilities for that skill.

Eidetic Memory: Store Pictures in Your Mind

You would be able to master any topic; you could read entire books in a matter of minutes. Can you imagine that? Going to the library and learn all the content of five or even ten books per day just with your trained memory technique!

This powerful kind of memory will also allow you to be always three steps ahead of everyone else.


Nobody will be able to fool you as you have the exact pictures inside your head for you to check anytime you want.

You may have read online that the eidetic memory doesn’t even exist. This is because scientist wants to believe that computers are better than human minds.

But just think for a moment, how can the computer be better if WE created them with our minds? It doesn’t matter how advanced the technology is, the human mind is always one step ahead of them.

So take the step today to check our eidetic memory test and start your training to make a huge change in your life today!