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Can Marijuana Cause Short Term Memory Loss?


One of the main concerns of the people who consume cannabis is the relationship between marijuana and short term memory loss. There has been scientific research about this topic that will tell us all the truth about this.

The memory is the ability that we have to store and manage the information in our brain. The more specific is the data that we can recall the better is our memory.

The research on the relationship between marijuana and short term memory loss has not found any important or relevant facts. We do know that cannabis consumption affects the cognitive abilities of the consumer while the effects last.

It has been shown that marijuana consumers might find difficult to recall things while they are on the effect of this drug and also to remember what did they do after the effect has passed. However, there is no strong data that shows that the effects on the short term memory can be extended through the ages.

Are Marijuana and Short Term Memory Loss Connected?

marijuana-and-short-term-memory-lossSome study subjects have shown improved brain functions in the matter of concentration or awareness while they are affected by marijuana. This is because of the relaxation that it causes on their bodies.

Stress is one of the biggest obstacles that our brain has to function properly. If you are relaxed and maintain proper brain connections there are virtually no limits for what your brain can do.

The short term memory loss is a big concern and fear for most of the people with professional careers as it can affect in a huge way their lives.

This is why we recommend you to take our short memory loss test so you can evaluate yourself and then apply the proper treatment for your problem.

While it is not clear right now how close the relationship between marijuana and the short term memory loss is.

We recommend you to value your brain and what it can do. It is the most important organ in your body, in charge of everything that happens inside and out of your body.

Make the right decisions and avoid anything that might damage it even a little. A healthy brain in the elderly is the most valuable thing that you might have.

3 Top Reasons for Short Term Memory Loss in Elderly


The short term memory loss in the elderly is a really common problem among the people of advanced age but with proper memory exercises, you can forget about it.

The short term memory is the one that let us remember the things that we just did. It could be in a really short period of time such as minutes or even hours or an entire day.

The main concern of people when they get older is the short term memory loss in the elderly. This is because it can lead to serious problems in their work life and personal life.

Forgetting simple details in a job can provoke serious consequences, sometimes they are little things that could be avoided by simply having a better memory.

In the personal lives of people, it can be really frustrating not to be able to remember the most trivial things like the place where you put the keys or the name of a person you just met ten minutes ago.

If you are serious about avoiding the short term memory loss in elderly we recommend you to follow the next 3 rules to enhance your memory.

Forget About the Short Term Memory Loss in Elderly

short-term-memory-loss-in-elderlyRule #1 Sleep from 6 to 8 hours a day

It can be difficult to achieve if you have a busy schedule but it will totally pay off. During the sleep is when your brain cells regenerate and move the information from the short term memory to the long term memory.

If you don’t get enough sleep during your years of youth it will bring serious consequences in the later years.

Rule #2 Write down everything you need to do

Stress is a huge blocker for your memory. If you can’t manage to remember something important, that will make you feel stressed and it will be even more difficult for you to concentrate.

Carry a small notepad with you or you could also use your smartphone and write everything important or the things you need to do. This way the only thing you will need to remember is to check your notes.

Rule #3 Don’t say ‘I have a bad memory’

We are not going to enter in the psychological details for this memory enhancement rule. The thing that you need to know is that repeating a negative phrase about your memory abilities will only make it worse.

If you don’t feel proud of your recalling skills, it’s OK. You will improve and feel more confident with the time. Just avoid those negative tags.

These three rules can make a huge difference in your memory skills. Everybody can apply this set of rules. You don’t have to wait to get older in order to use them.

We recommend you to take our online short term memory loss quiz so you can get to know better your skills. The sooner you start, the better prepared you will be to forget of the short term memory loss in the elderly.

Short Term Memory Loss Quiz Online for Adults


Do you have problems to remember simple stuff? Things that just happened to you? Then you should take this short term memory loss quiz to see if this problem needs your immediate attention.

The short term memory is the one that allows you to remember things that just happened to you.

For example, the place where you put your keys after you arrived home, the chores that you need to complete through your day, the face or the name of a person you just met, the ingredients you read for a new recipe.

There are debates about the duration of the short term memory, it goes from a couple of hours to an entire day.

While you sleep is when your brain moves all the information form your short term memory to your long term memory, where you will be able to access it anytime after you develop your eidetic memory skills.

In this short term memory loss quiz, we have ten different and simple questions for you, this will help you to evaluate if you just forget random things once in a while or you have a problem with your short term memory that demands attention.

short-term-memory-loss-quizShort Term Memory Loss Quiz

Answer honestly to the following ten questions. If you need, you might want to write down your answer to evaluate them at the end. If you can’t remember the answer for a question just skip it.

  1. What did you have for dinner last night?
  2. Who was the last person you talked to?
  3. What clothes were you wearing yesterday?
  4. What was the last house chore that you completed?
  5. What was the first question of this article (not the quiz)?
  6. Look to your right for 10 seconds. Try to recall all the objects that you saw.
  7. What was the last beverage you had?
  8. What was the last song you heard?
  9. What are you forgetting?
  10. What is the short term memory?

In this short term memory loss quiz the questions are made to trigger your short term memory. There are no correct answers as they are all personal question. What you are going to evaluate is whether you were able to remember what was asked or not.

If you got 9 or 10 points that means that you have an excellent short term memory, there is nothing to worry about, congratulations.

If you got from 5 to 8 correct that means that you just need to pay a little more attention to details.

We recommend you to take a look at our article on habits to boost brain power and memory naturally.

If you got from 3 to 5 that means that you really have problems to focus in your short term memory, we suggest you to consider adding supplements for memory enhancement to your diet.

If you got only 1 or 2 correct questions there are some serious issues and it is recommended to see and specialist about this matter.