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Memory Exercises for adults

How To Use An Effective Memory Exercise for Adults

Try this memory exercise for adults and enhance your brain in minutes. Improve your memory with activities that help people of any age.

As we all start growing older, it might seem that our brain functions are not the same as they used to be. It becomes harder to remember things and your reaction time decreases over time.

Elder people are the ones that are most affected by this. Brain’s blood circulation is not as efficient as it used to be and neurons begin to deteriorate. It is necessary to keep the mind active to prevent any kind of memory loss.

When you begin to suffer from short term memory loss, it becomes a big problem in your life for yourself and for the people around you.

But do not worry, there are simple memory exercises designed for adults that can help you enhance your memory again. You will not have to deal with troubles trying to remember basic things.

You can try any of this brain exercise by yourself but they have proved to deliver even better results if you practice with someone else. Feel free to practice them at any time during your day.

Easy Memory Exercise for Adults – Mental Pictures

This is my favorite brain exercise because you can practice it wherever you are in the moment. It is really simple and you will see improvements in your memory after only a couple of days.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Look to any object around you that you choose for a couple of seconds.
  • Take a “mental picture” of what your eyes are seeing.
  • Turn your head away and try to remember everything you can from your mental picture.
  • Try to recall detail you can. Every object you could see, colors and their positions.
  • After you finished, look back to the first object and see how many details you got right.
  • Try again!

Do not worry if you don’t get everything right during this brain training exercise. Try to practice this at least 3 times a day and you will see fast improvements to your memory.

You will start noticing that you are remembering more and more details every time you practice this mental exercise.

Take as much time as you need when taking your mental picture. Do not feel stressed out. You can even turn it into a game and try to beat your record every time.

As you keep getting better remembering things, you can also limit your time to mention the details in your mind. This way you will also be enhancing your reaction time.

I personally recommend you to practice this with someone else. It is great to enhance the memory of children at a young age and also to prevent memory loss problems in adults.


eyegamer memory game adult kids

Best Memory Card Game for Adults and Children

Make sure you pick this memory card game for adults and children for your home. This is one of those games that you just can’t miss, you will have a lot of fun with your family and increase your memory, focus, and concentration at the same time!

Memory card games are just amazing! I enjoyed them a lot. There is nothing better than improving your brain skills while you are having a good time.

eye gamer memory game adultsThe best thing is that you can use this kind of games to help your children to train their memory without them noticing!

You get to see them improving day by day as they keep enjoying the game with you. Before you notice you’ll be looking for a more challenging memory game after the old one becomes too easy for them.

This memory card game is also great to play with adults as there are no difficult rules to worry about.

All you need to do is to find the match to each picture and that’s it.

The Eyegamer Memory Matching Card Game can be played in only a few seconds after opening the box. Here are some quick instructions:

  1. Shuffle the deck of cards.
  2. Spread all of them face down in a table.
  3. Take turns flipping the cards to find a match.
  4. The one who gets more matches wins!

It is that simple! But what makes this memory card game from some other children games or even most of the printable memory card games for adults is that it uses shapes and contrast to work with your memory.

Remember that this game also boosts your focus and concentration instantly.

How to Pick a Great Memory Card Game

Here are a few things to consider when buying memory matching card games for kids or for adults:

Avoid matching games with cartoon or videogame characters. These pictures, while they may seem more appealing for the kids, are equally a distractor and as soon as the children lose interest in that particular characters they will also lose interest in the memory game.

Do not pick games where you need to read. Matching games with words might seem a good idea to learn new vocabulary but it will slow down the game. Also, it becomes boring after learning the vocabulary on the cards.

Pick card memory games with contrasting colors. Such as red and blue, black and white, yellow and green. This is important to also train the focus and increase the attention span of the players. This works great in kids and adults.

These are the reasons why I recommend the Eyegamer Memory Games for adults and children. They are just amazing to work with people of any age. It is not even a difficult memory game to learn for people with advanced age.

You can also find 8 different decks available so you can add more variety to your game nights. Remember that the most important part of the game is that everyone is having fun.

While you keep the game entertaining, everyone is going to keep playing it and boosting their memory capacity.

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