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How To Memorize Things In Only 5 Minutes


Discover the best techniques to increase your memory skills and learn how to memorize things fast. There are times when you just don’t have the time and you need to fill up your brain with new knowledge.

Use the methods that we show you today to solve that problem.

Remember that your brain is an extraordinary organ in your body. Everything that you experience in your life is stored as information in your mind.

All the new faces, the names, the places, just everything is saved there. The thing you need to do is to develop better techniques so you can recall any piece of information anytime you want.

This is what we know as an eidetic memory. The strongest type of memory.

If you are in a hurry and you need to learn how to memorize things fast, there are some helpful advice that we have for you. The effectiveness of these techniques will depend on the development of your current mental skills.

Learn How to Memorize Things Fast

how-to-memorize-things-fastOne thing that you need to keep in mind is that stress is a huge obstacle for your memory.

If you need to acquire a lot of information in a short time, try to keep calm or the task will become even more difficult for you.

Before you apply this technique we recommend you to take a deep breath or even perform a short meditation, to begin with.

Some people are skeptical about methods that teach you how to memorize things fast.

It usually takes you a little bit of practice before you can apply this technique in any moment of your life.

We are not going to lie to you. It will be not as effective if it is the first time you are going to use this memory technique as if it were the twentieth time doing it.

The first step to learn things really fast is to relax. Then visualize all that knowledge already in your mind. Everything you need to keep the stress away. Then begin by reading or listening to all the information you need to memorize.

Then after you finish, take a moment and try to recall aloud as many data as you can from your mind.  Repeat this simple process at least five times in a row.

This eidetic memory training is helping you by giving you extra feedback on the information as you hear yourself repeating it. This will create extra connections that are going to help you to memorize everything you need.

4 Brain Sharpening Techniques You Should Be Using


In under 10 minutes, you can learn to develop the brain sharpening techniques that you will need in your journey acquiring a powerful eidetic memory. Your brain is the most powerful weapon that you have.

Would you rather fight a dragon with a rusty sword or a strong and sharp one?

These brain sharpening techniques are easy and even fun to learn. As long as you practice them constantly you will keep seeing results in your daily life or in your photographic memory training.

1. Fast thinking made faster

The first brain improving technique is mainly focused on the speed of thinking. If you think fast, you can react so much better to the daily problems that you might meet during your day.

This technique works with word association. It is usually used as a psychological method but we can also use it to make our memory better. You can use this memory technique in just 2 simple steps:

  1. Choose any random object around you.
  2. Think of 20 words related to that object as fast as you can.

It might sound simple but try it out. Maybe you will not be able to reach the 10th. If you run out of ideas skip it and go for another object.

Practice this brain sharpening technique during your day and before you realize it your brain will be ready at any time to quickly access any piece of information really fast.

2. Release information to receive information

Sometimes it is difficult for us to think clearly because we have so much in our minds at all times. Maybe you are not suffering from real stress and you just have so many ideas in your mind.

Try to carry around a small notepad and write every thought that crosses by your mind. This will help you to keep your mind ready to receive any kind of new information. This is the easiest and most effective brain sharpening technique.

3. Listen to instrumental music

Why always instrumental music? You might ask. One of the advantages of this kind of music is that you are not keeping your subconscious mind listening to the lyrics of a song.

The music will reduce the levels of stress in your mind allowing you to think much more clearly. This is considered the most popular brain enhancing technique.brain-sharpening-techniques

4. Take a Nap: The King of Brain Sharpening Techniques

Many people find this brain sharpening technique the most difficult to apply. Because most of us are usually really busy during the day and we just don’t have the time.

But taking small and regular 10 minute naps can do a huge difference in your memory skills.

Do you notice that when your computer is starting to go slow when you restart it and then you can use it normally again?

This is the same thing that happens to our brains, think of the short naps as restarting them so you can continue freshly renewed with your day.

How To Pick The Best Nursing Mnemonics Book

nursing mnemonics book

The memorization skills are extremely important when you are in a field with delicate human lives. This is the ultimate nursing mnemonics book that will teach you all the important medical terminology in just a couple of nights.

The mnemonics are an aid for the memory. Something to help you remember things easier. Most people don’t like mnemonics, because they see them as something extra you need to learn besides the actual required information.

The most popular kind of mnemonic is the acronyms, where each letter represents one word of the information you need to remember, but they can also be visual, short poems, melodies or even physical movements.

The truth is that the nursing mnemonics book is a total must-have for anyone interested in that career. It might be OK to forget where you parked your car this morning, or even if you forget to send an email to a client.

But when it comes to human lives there is no room for mistakes. Maybe a perfect eidetic memory is too much for the task, but some good memorization skills are needed for this job.

Remember that the human brain works making connections between the pieces of information that it already has. Feeding your memory with more information is never going to be extra weight.

The more things you need to remember, the easier you can make the connections between them.

The Essential Nursing Mnemonics Book

This book have pictures that correspond to the disease and the mnemonics that go along with them. If you are a visual learner then there is no doubt that you need this nursing mnemonics book.

We have for you today the first of three different volumes. It is perfect for you to give it a try. If you are comfortable with the method that they offer to you then you can get the following books too.


With the Memory Notebook of Nursing you will get the medical information that you need, the mnemonics that make it easier for you to memorize and the pictures as visual aids.

Together they form an amazing and helpful mind map. With all those connections you should have no problem remembering every single piece of information.

There are a lot of helpful reviews of people who have successfully used this book in their career and to pass the difficult nursing exams.

But if you still believe that the mnemonics techniques are not for you then you can take a look at other of our photographic memory techniques on our website.


How to Develop Your Own Mnemonics


As you are training to develop a strong memory you should make use of as many good mnemonics as you can find. Creating your own mnemonics techniques will help your retention capacity to grown stronger day by day.

The mnemonics are the things that we use to make the connections in our brain much stronger. They come in many forms and shapes. As you have learned before from our blog, there are different kinds of memory.

This is why it is good to know all the different types of mnemonics. So you can use the one that fits you the best.

Probably you have already heard of some mnemonics in the form of songs, rhymes, abbreviations or drawings. A set of movements can also be a mnemonic!

Online you can find a wide variety of “predefined” mnemonics that have been developed over the years by experts. This is made with the purpose of helping students in their professional careers.

The more difficult the information is to remember, the strongest the mnemonics should be. They are particularly popular in the fields of biology, nursing, first aids, military, and math.

What Do I Need to Use the Mnemonics Techniques?

If you want to make the connections in your memory as strong as possible then you need the right mnemonics techniques for the job. Remember that the brain is also a muscle and if you keep it well fit you will be able to achieve a real photographic memory in no time.

The first time creating these memory helpers it would be good to take a look to some examples of mnemonics. One of the most popular technique for memorization is linking regular and simple shapes with information or numbers.

moonwalking einstein joshuaFor example, let’s say that you want to memorize really quickly a new PIN number, they are usually formed by 4 numbers. Here is one just randomly created: 5107.

Now it usually takes people some time to get used to a new number. But using good mnemonics techniques you will be able to do it in just seconds. Let’s replace those numbers in our mind with objects that we know.

  • The ‘5’ resembles a snake.
  • The ‘1’ resembles a stick.
  • The ‘0’ resembles an egg.
  • The ‘7’ resembles a ‘t’.

Now to apply the mnemonic, think of a “Snake on a Stick cooking Eggs and drinking Tea”. I know it might sound ridiculous to you.

But that makes it way more easy to remember a crazy story than a random set of numbers.

If you just recall the phrase we’ve just created, you will be able to make the connection in your brain with the numbers.

Of course, most of you might find this mnemonic we just made even more complicated than the numbers. This is because each one of you should make your own mnemonics techniques.

Work with things that you like or, even better, that you use in your daily life. I guarantee that with a little bit of practice you will fall in love with the different mnemonics.

5 Simple Memory Enhancers You Have Not Tried Yet


Boost all your mental skills such as focus, memory, and concentration with the five memory enhancers that we have brought to you today. Increasing your memory power has never been so easy. You are just a few steps away from living a better life with a much better brain.

There are exercises, supplements, and techniques that you can use as memory enhancers. They will allow you to increase your brain power. You will never forget where did you put your keys again.

Focusing on a single task until it is finished will be easy from now on. Just introduce these 5 habits and you will feel the change in less than a week.

5 Memory Enhancers You NEED in Your Life

  1. Sleep A LOT! If you really want to have a better memory, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to rest properly. During your sleep is when your brain takes all the information that you learned during the day and store it permanently in your memory. If you don’t get enough sleep then that information might not be saved properly.
  2. Give it a Try to Focus+ No, we are not telling you to simply focus more. If you could do that instantly then you would not need any of these memory enhancers. Focus+ is one of our most recommended supplements to boost your memory and concentration. They are 60 pills that will guarantee an increase on your performance.
  3. “I can remember everything because I have an amazing memory” Just say the words out loud. This is one of the weirdest but most effective memory enhancers. There is a psychological background to this rule, but the important thing is that it absolutely works! If you say this phrase out loud at least three times a day. Your memory skills will increase dramatically. This enhancer works better if you do it in front of a mirror.
  4. meditate practical guide pema chodronMeditate. This is one of the most overlooked enhancers by everyone. The meditation not only reduces stress and calms your mind. But this also increases your different skills. Five minutes of meditation a day will do wonders for your mind and body. Just wake up a few minutes every day and you will feel more energized and concentrated through out the day.
  5. Keep a Journal. This is a fantastic way to enhance your memory in a natural way. Most people don’t like to keep journals because they feel their lives are just routine. Or they just can’t make the time for it. You don’t need to spend too much time on this enhancer. Just write down the important things about your day. The specific events that were memorable. This will boost your recall skills amazingly.

We hope that our five memory enhancers have proven to be useful for you. If you feel skeptical about them just try them for a week. You will notice the difference in your memory, concentration, mental focus and life in general.


5 Simple Habits to Boost Brain Power And Memory Naturally


With just 5 minutes a day and a little twist to your regular lifestyle, you will be able to boost brain power and memory naturally with these simple habits. You are not going to believe how a small change in your life can bring such big results.

We are creatures of habits, we like it or not, we are bound to a daily routine. There are things that we are “forced” to do every day. Such as taking a shower, going to work or school, taking out the trash, eating, etc.

Each one of us has developed certain personal routines that we might not even realize it. For example, some people take a shower right after getting up from the bed in the morning while others prefer to have breakfast first and then take the shower.

So simple details that you might not realize they even exist.

The best way to boost your brain power and memory naturally is by adding a few more steps to your daily routine. This will allow you to exercise your brain without you even realizing it.

It might take you some time to see the results while you develop the habit but it will be worth it because this is something that will increase your brain power for a lifetime.

Habits to Boost Brain Power and Memory Naturally

Eat Right to Keep Your Brain Fresh

Add antioxidants to your daily diet, these are pretty beneficial for the health of your brain. They protect it and are able to stimulate the generation of new brain cells.

Some examples of foods with antioxidants are curry, broccoli, walnuts, celery, etc.

Sleep Well

There are many benefits on a good night of sleep. When you sleep your body regenerates physically and mentally. It is necessary to keep down your levels of stress and boost brain power and memory naturally by increasing concentration on your daily tasks. If you live on a busy schedule and can’t manage to sleep an extra hour at night.

Try to take a couple of 10-minute naps during the day.

Learn a Craft

These activities are excellent to stimulate your brain. Usually, we spend all our energy on our work or school. Trying always to solve the problems of our daily lives.

You need to make a space to something creative something that allows you to forget of all the stress you have in your mind.

You don’t have to become a master. But spending a few minutes of your day making handicrafts, painting, drawing, learning how to play an instrument or even writing for fun can make a difference in your life.

brain games tabletopPlay Brain Games

Sometimes we are so deep in the daily routine that we enter in a certain “automatic mode” where we are not required to even think to go through our day.

We just enter our car and before we noticed we have already arrived at our destination. There are many Brain Games in this tabletop game that you can try or you can also get some for your smartphone.

Read a lot

It doesn’t have to be books, but it shouldn’t be just work or school stuff. Read about the things you like, the things you are passionate about.

This will relax you and boost brain power and memory naturally by stimulating your concentration. Feeling authentically interested and motivated in what you read. This works as a trigger for your imagination to start working.

We hope you have found our habits to boost brain power and memory naturally useful. This is about adding something new to your life to enhance your brain power and your lifestyle.

Try to share this with your friends some of them will be eager to start these new habits with you!


3 Weird Memory Retention Exercises That Actually Work


Having a good memory is essential to have a healthy life. You will be able to enhance your retention skills with these odd memory retention exercises that you have never heard of before.

Some people are not really into developing an eidetic memory, what they want is just to keep their memory as good as it is or maybe just improve it a little. Remember that the brain is also a muscle and you need to keep it working in order to grow it stronger.

The memory loss is one of the things that come with age. By realizing some memory retention exercises you will be able to delay this symptom for years or even decades.


Essential Memory Retention Exercises

Maybe you have not heard about these memory retention exercises, but we can guarantee that they are excellent to boost your brain power and memory skills.

Maintain a Positive Attitude!

Did you know that stress is one of the major reasons for memory loss in young adults?

Stress works as a barrier for your brain, sometimes we forget something really simple, a small detail, and the fact that we can’t remember something simple makes us stressed and angry.

That is just an extra problem in our lives. Having a good and relaxed attitude allows you to think more clearly throughout your day.

Talk With a Friend

This is also an important part of getting rid of your stress. Talking with someone close to us allows you to get off some load of stress that we might have been carrying around.

As an extra, if you tell someone else what you need to remember you will have an extra reason for not forgetting it. A friend might also give you a hand to recall that task if necessary.

Rewards for Yourself

Each time you are able to recall something or finished a difficult task, reward yourself. This is behavior therapy to encourage good results.

Give yourself a treat after you finished something difficult, even a couple of compliments in front of the mirror will make a great difference in your life. This is by far the most effective of these memory retention exercises.

Just by doing these 3 simple memory retention exercises you will be able to increase your memory retention abilities, if you are really serious about this topic and would like to take it to the next level we suggest you take our eidetic memory test online to start your training.

The eidetic memory is a skill that will allow you to recall any memory at will. Many people have already transformed their lives with this technique and now you can do it too!

5 Step Eidetic Memory Training for Quick Results


Begin today your eidetic memory training to develop this awesome skill and transform your life with your enhanced memory. There are some people that are born with a stronger memory than the rest of the population but this still continues to be an skill, something that you can learn.

With the proper eidetic memory training, you will also be able to recall any memory as detailed as possible at will anytime you want. It would be like having a computer hard drive inside of your head and search for the memories the same way that you do in your PC.

start eidetic memory training

Take the step today to begin your memory training and transform your life. We strongly recommend you to take our eidetic memory test before you start with the training to have a wider knowledge about your personal memory skills.

Simply the Best Eidetic Memory Training

Step 1 – Motivation.

The first thing you need to do in any of your training sessions is to relax for a moment and start thinking of all the benefits that an eidetic memory will bring to your life. Think of the possibilities in your professional, personal or even academic life. Think of all the things you will be able to do once you master this unique skill.

Step 2 – Concentration.

Now that you are motivated, the next step is to eliminate all the distractions around you. Turn off the TV or any other electronic device, try to find a quiet room with good ventilation and then take a deep breath, clear up your mind from any stressful thought that might interrupt your eidetic memory training.

Step 3 – Numbers.

One of the most difficult things to remember for all of us are the numbers, especially when they are not related to anything, we are talking about a random combination of numbers. Take a piece of paper and write down a combination of 5 different numbers. Read those numbers for 1 minute then turn the paper and recall them aloud.

If you managed to do it correctly start adding more numbers or digits to the previous ones and then repeat the exercise 10 more times.

As you advance with the training you will be able to recall them faster and more accurately every time. Try to reduce the reading time by 5 seconds every couple of days. Until the day you will be able to catch all of the numbers with a simple glance at the paper.

Step 4 – Pictures.

One important thing about an eidetic memory is the ability to recreate a picture from our mind. For this part of the training, it will be better to have a partner to work with. What you need to do is to look to any picture for a straight minute.

Try to catch as many details as you can, such as the objects, the colors, the position of the things in the picture. Then try to describe the picture to your partner as detailed as you can. If you have trouble to recall a certain part of the picture, let your partner ask questions to you to help you.

eidetic-memory-training-supplementIf you don’t have anyone around to work with, you can take notes of the description that you recall from the picture. This is going to take you longer. Try to do this exercise at least three times a day.

Step 5 – Nutrition.

One of the most important parts in your eidetic memory training is the kind of nutrients that you are taking every day. You know that a balanced diet and a good night of sleep are important factors to be able to use our mental skills at the top level.

This is why we bring you today the FOCUSfactor capsules. This natural supplement is specially designed to boost your brain functions, this will accelerate tremendously your eidetic acquisition.

Remember that even if some people born with an eidetic or photographic memory, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the same skill by using the proper training. Have you already started and seen some progress? Share with the community!