6 Brain Exercises To Improve Concentration – Mental Training

Here we have for you the most complete compilation of brain gym exercises to improve your memory and concentration for free. Learn how to develop your whole mind with these stimulating routines.

Your brain is the most important organ in your entire body. It is the main control center, it keeps your other organs in your body functioning subconsciously.

You don’t have to do anything to make your lungs work, they just do their thing thanks to your mind.


Just like any other muscle, you need to keep your brain in shape to make it stronger and faster.

You could even prevent some issues such as:

With the proper training and daily brain exercises, you would be able to remember in detail anything that you want.

You could concentrate on a single task for hours without any problem.

Free Brain Gym Exercises

It is important that you set a schedule for your brain training the same way that you would do with a fitness routine at the gym. We recommend you to dedicate at least 45 minutes of your day for your mental exercises.

Here we present you a group of the best brain exercises that you will ever find. Take a look at all of them and choose the one that fits the best to your lifestyle or your age.

Left Brain Exercises

Did you know that the left part of your brain is in charge of the logical and mathematical issues while the right part manages your creative skills? In most cases, we need to improve our left part of the brain in order to succeed in life, unless you are an artist.

If you want an effective workout for your memory, concentration or cognitive skills, then keep reading this article and choose the right brain training method that focuses on what you are looking for.

In case you would like to work on right brain exercises, we suggest you take an online course on any craft that you are interested in. It may take you a little time in the beginning but you will be happy with the results.

However if what you want is to try some brain balancing exercises the only thing that you need is to diversify a little bit your daily routine. If you spend to much time studying or working, add a small space to relax and be creative.

left-brain-exercisesBrain Exercises to Improve Memory

This is one of the most popular categories among brain fitness. With a better memory, you could improve many aspects of your life; at home, school or work, you will not only perform better but everyone will praise you for your memorization skills.

  • Read our post on how to develop an eidetic memory to get in detail the full training on how to virtually take pictures with your mind.
  • Being well-rested has a huge influence on your brain power, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. If it is just impossible for you then try some meditation exercise to get rid of stress.

Brain Exercises for Adults

One of the biggest fears in young adults and seniors in the short term memory loss but you can’t counter that with proper daily brain exercises.

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning and write down everything you need to do that day. This will help you to focus better during the day and if you feel like you are forgetting something just take a look at your list.
  • Keep your body hydrated. This enhances the flow of oxygen through your body which is excellent for your mental health. This will work even better if you also start an aerobics routine.
  • Learn something new every day, remember that you need to keep your brain in good shape just like any other muscle in your body. Wikipedia is a great source to learn interesting stuff.

brain-exercisesBrain Gym Exercises for Kids

It is important that you help your kids to develop their memory and focus on games and exercises.

If you think that your toddler already has an excellent memory, you can make them take the photographic memory test for kids which also includes a full pdf guide for free on how to boost the memory of your children.

Remember that the earlier years are the most important during the development of the human brain.

Children are like knowledge sponges and it is really easy for them to learn any kind of new information.

Brain Exercises to Improve Concentration

Nowadays attention disorder has become one of the biggest issues with children and young adults. It is a really stressful problem for some people because they have that desire to work hard but they just can’t manage to focus on a single task for a long period of time.

  1. Start by measuring your average focus span.
  2. Set a stopwatch when you start doing any task and stop it when you start feeling bored or distracted by anything else, write the time down.
  3. Repeat this during the entire day every time you start working on something.
  4. The next day set a timer on the average work time that you got the previous day.
  5. When the timer rings stop working on your task and do something else for one minute.
  6. Then set the timer again and continue with your work.

With this exercise you would be controlling your distraction spans, allowing you to focus during more time on your job. Try to reduce these distraction time by 5 seconds every day. You will be amazed at the results.

Cognitive Brain Exercises

There is a way to increase your knowledge on a certain topic in a small period of time. Boosting your cognitive skills with this brain training will be a great help at school or work.

In this case quantity is more important than quality, if you want to study for a test it is better to have short study sessions of 15 minutes throughout your day than try to do it for 2 hours straight.

Share your knowledge. One of the most overlooked brain sharpening exercises to improve your learning skills. You could write an online article or help a friend who is struggling with the same topic. When you teach what you know you reinforce your memories.

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