How To Use Speed Reading Software For Free

This speed reading training software with no cost will allow you to start and finish an entire book in less than 24 hours.

Speed reading is a technique that allows people to read at an amazing speed of nearly one thousand words per minute while remembering every single word that they read.

speed reading training software chart

The common reading speed of casual readers is about 200 words per minute (wpm).

You can easily double this speed and also your learning capacity in less than a month by using the right methods.

Speed Reading Training Software Review

There are a lot of different software and mobile apps made to teach you how to master the speed reading.

Spreeder.com offers you one of the best free software to develop true speed reading.

The only problem is that the no-cost version does not include a training program.

However, it is really complete and you can use it as a main practice tool.

You only need to follow this training program and you will read faster than you could even imagine.

  1. Practice 20 minutes every single day. The software is amazing but it also takes dedication to achieve this speed reading technique.
  2. Experiment a little bit with your initial reading speed. Find a speed that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to remember everything.
  3. Increase the wpm speed by 10 every day. It will take a while to achieve your main goal but you will get there.
  4. Choose topics you are interested in for your practice. This will make it way easier to advance and increase your current wpm speed.

You will be able to read even three books per week by following these easy four steps. The best part of this reading training online is that you will not only be able to read fast but you will also remember every single piece of information.

There are also a lot of pretty good speed reading courses online which will guide you step by step through the process in an easier way.

We still suggest you give it a try and learn all the basics of reading fast using free software before considering the paid version.