nursing mnemonics book

How To Pick The Best Nursing Mnemonics Book

The memorization skills are extremely important when you are in a field with delicate human lives. This is the ultimate nursing mnemonics book that will teach you all the important medical terminology in just a couple of nights.

The mnemonics are an aid for the memory. Something to help you remember things easier. Most people don’t like mnemonics, because they see them as something extra you need to learn besides the actual required information.

The most popular kind of mnemonic is the acronyms, where each letter represents one word of the information you need to remember, but they can also be visual, short poems, melodies or even physical movements.

The truth is that the nursing mnemonics book is a total must-have for anyone interested in that career. It might be OK to forget where you parked your car this morning, or even if you forget to send an email to a client.

But when it comes to human lives there is no room for mistakes. Maybe a perfect eidetic memory is too much for the task, but some good memorization skills are needed for this job.

Remember that the human brain works making connections between the pieces of information that it already has. Feeding your memory with more information is never going to be extra weight.

The more things you need to remember, the easier you can make the connections between them.

The Essential Nursing Mnemonics Book

This book have pictures that correspond to the disease and the mnemonics that go along with them. If you are a visual learner then there is no doubt that you need this nursing mnemonics book.

We have for you today the first of three different volumes. It is perfect for you to give it a try. If you are comfortable with the method that they offer to you then you can get the following books too.


With the Memory Notebook of Nursing you will get the medical information that you need, the mnemonics that make it easier for you to memorize and the pictures as visual aids.

Together they form an amazing and helpful mind map. With all those connections you should have no problem remembering every single piece of information.

There are a lot of helpful reviews of people who have successfully used this book in their career and to pass the difficult nursing exams.

But if you still believe that the mnemonics techniques are not for you then you can take a look at other of our photographic memory techniques on our website.