What Is An Accurate Eidetic Memory Definition

The eidetic memory definition has been modified by society and often confused with a photographic memory. They have been considered as the same thing by a lot of people during the years.

The truth is that even if these two terms are closely related they have significant differences between them.

The photographic memory term comes from photography. When you take a picture with a camera, it displays exactly the frame captured in an image.

The exact same things in the exact same positions. It represents a precise log from the past.

People who have developed a photographic memory are virtually capable of taking pictures with their mind. All of them are stored in their head like digital pictures in a PC memory drive.

The eidetic memory definition is much broader than that. As it includes also the storage of text, sounds, pictures, smells and just everything that you are capable to detect with all your senses. Even feelings and sensations.

So, What Is Eidetic Memory?

In order to define eidetic memory in an accurate way, we need to remember the root of the word. Eidetic comes from the Greek word “eidos” that means seen.

This is the reason for the confusion that grew with the term photographic memory.

There are many skeptical people when we talk about the eidetic memory definition. By simple psychology, if it is difficult to believe that it is possible to recall any picture at will then it sounds even more impossible to think that there are people able to remember just every little aspect of their lives.

Remember that on this website we offer you with an eidetic memory test that will allow you to know if you have developed this skill within you.

Keep in mind that your brain is a muscle and if you train it properly then you can strengthen it too. You might be able to develop your own eidetic memory one day.

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