4 Brain Sharpening Techniques You Should Be Using

In under 10 minutes, you can learn to develop the brain sharpening techniques that you will need in your journey acquiring a powerful eidetic memory. Your brain is the most powerful weapon that you have.

Would you rather fight a dragon with a rusty sword or a strong and sharp one?

These brain sharpening techniques are easy and even fun to learn. As long as you practice them constantly you will keep seeing results in your daily life or in your photographic memory training.

1. Fast thinking made faster

The first brain improving technique is mainly focused on the speed of thinking. If you think fast, you can react so much better to the daily problems that you might meet during your day.

This technique works with word association. It is usually used as a psychological method but we can also use it to make our memory better. You can use this memory technique in just 2 simple steps:

  1. Choose any random object around you.
  2. Think of 20 words related to that object as fast as you can.

It might sound simple but try it out. Maybe you will not be able to reach the 10th. If you run out of ideas skip it and go for another object.

Practice this brain sharpening technique during your day and before you realize it your brain will be ready at any time to quickly access any piece of information really fast.

2. Release information to receive information

Sometimes it is difficult for us to think clearly because we have so much in our minds at all times. Maybe you are not suffering from real stress and you just have so many ideas in your mind.

Try to carry around a small notepad and write every thought that crosses by your mind. This will help you to keep your mind ready to receive any kind of new information. This is the easiest and most effective brain sharpening technique.

3. Listen to instrumental music

Why always instrumental music? You might ask. One of the advantages of this kind of music is that you are not keeping your subconscious mind listening to the lyrics of a song.

The music will reduce the levels of stress in your mind allowing you to think much more clearly. This is considered the most popular brain enhancing technique.brain-sharpening-techniques

4. Take a Nap: The King of Brain Sharpening Techniques

Many people find this brain sharpening technique the most difficult to apply. Because most of us are usually really busy during the day and we just don’t have the time.

But taking small and regular 10 minute naps can do a huge difference in your memory skills.

Do you notice that when your computer is starting to go slow when you restart it and then you can use it normally again?

This is the same thing that happens to our brains, think of the short naps as restarting them so you can continue freshly renewed with your day.

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