3 Types of Photographic Memory You Might Develop

Come and learn about the different types of photographic memory. You probably already have a stronger memory than you think but you don’t know it yet.

You have already heard that photographic memory is the ability that allows you to store pictures in your memory as they were files on your computer. Giving you the chance to recall them at will.

The reality is that this skill is actually called eidetic memory. The photographic term comes from the comparison of the mind with a digital camera.

types-of-photographic-memoryWhich Types of Photographic Memory Do You Have?

There are three different kinds of photographic memory. A person might have one, two or even a combination of the three of them.

Some people are already born with this talent but it is something that with the proper eidetic memory training you will be able to achieve as well.

Visual Photographic Memory

This is the kind of memory that all people would like to have. The ability to take pictures with your mind. Can you imagine having this power and then going to a library every day for a week?

All that knowledge stored in your mind in a matter of seconds. You could become a walking encyclopedia. Or using this skill to recreate a scene or situation. This might come really handy for artists.

Auditory Eidetic Memory

This type of photographic memory will allow you to recall everything you hear. Every song, sound or conversation. With the auditory memory, you will be able to remember a phone number only by the sound of the tones.

You could listen to audiobooks all day storing all that information in your mind instantly. You could forget about studying for your tests as you will be able to remember every single word your teacher or tutor said.

Kinetic Eidetic Memory


This type of memory is directly connected to our senses. This is the ability to remember feelings, emotional states and movements.

It comes into action when you are learning new dance steps. You might already have experienced this type of photographic memory.

Most people are not able to answer if you need to turn a screw clockwise or counter-clockwise to tight it. But once they have the screwdriver in their hands and they are in that situation, it just comes out automatic.

The kinetic memory is the reason why you don’t forget how to ride a bike or how to swim once you have learned. It is really connected to your reflexes.

We hope you have found our information about the different types of photographic memory. In order to develop them, you need to get in touch with your mind. Try one of our eidetic memory training so you can unleash all the power of your mind.

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