3 Weird Memory Retention Exercises That Actually Work

Having a good memory is essential to have a healthy life. You will be able to enhance your retention skills with these odd memory retention exercises that you have never heard of before.

Some people are not really into developing an eidetic memory, what they want is just to keep their memory as good as it is or maybe just improve it a little. Remember that the brain is also a muscle and you need to keep it working in order to grow it stronger.

The memory loss is one of the things that come with age. By realizing some memory retention exercises you will be able to delay this symptom for years or even decades.


Essential Memory Retention Exercises

Maybe you have not heard about these memory retention exercises, but we can guarantee that they are excellent to boost your brain power and memory skills.

Maintain a Positive Attitude!

Did you know that stress is one of the major reasons for memory loss in young adults?

Stress works as a barrier for your brain, sometimes we forget something really simple, a small detail, and the fact that we can’t remember something simple makes us stressed and angry.

That is just an extra problem in our lives. Having a good and relaxed attitude allows you to think more clearly throughout your day.

Talk With a Friend

This is also an important part of getting rid of your stress. Talking with someone close to us allows you to get off some load of stress that we might have been carrying around.

As an extra, if you tell someone else what you need to remember you will have an extra reason for not forgetting it. A friend might also give you a hand to recall that task if necessary.

Rewards for Yourself

Each time you are able to recall something or finished a difficult task, reward yourself. This is behavior therapy to encourage good results.

Give yourself a treat after you finished something difficult, even a couple of compliments in front of the mirror will make a great difference in your life. This is by far the most effective of these memory retention exercises.

Just by doing these 3 simple memory retention exercises you will be able to increase your memory retention abilities, if you are really serious about this topic and would like to take it to the next level we suggest you take our eidetic memory test online to start your training.

The eidetic memory is a skill that will allow you to recall any memory at will. Many people have already transformed their lives with this technique and now you can do it too!

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