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How To Know If You Have Photographic Memory – Online Quiz

Do you have the eidetic memory skill in you? Take our photographic memory quiz online and find out if you have the memory of a prodigy. Get ready to explore the limits of your brain with this test.

The eidetic memory is a skill that allows you to recall any piece of information from your mind. It could be a song, a picture, a conversation, a paragraph or a whole book.

This ability is often confused with the photographic memory, this kind of memory only focus on the visual information stored in your brain. It ignores the sounds or movements involved.

In this photographic memory quiz, we are not going to ask you to recall things that you did or heard in the past. This is all about what you have seen.

Some people in this field think that a photographic memory test is entirely pointless. It is such a powerful skill that you must instantly know if you have it or not.

We believe that you can use the photographic memory quiz to find out if you have the dormant ability within you. This will allow you to develop the full potential of your memory with nothing more than a little bit of training.

Are You Ready for the Photographic Memory Quiz?

In this quiz, you have to look to a group of different pictures for a couple of seconds. Then it is asked to you to make a connection between the pictures in your mind.photographic-memory-quiz

For example. the first picture can show you a “random” group of blue and red dots, the same for the second picture. But if you keep those two images in your mind you will be able to put them together and find the answer for the quiz.

Can you manage to find the answer by connecting the two pictures in your mind?

If it is difficult for you to see the answer by looking at the two pictures at the same time, maybe it would not be the best for you to take the photographic memory quiz at this moment.

If you feel that the only thing that you need to increase your memory is a boost in your brain skills then you should check out one of our proven supplements for memory enhancement. By the way, the answer to this sample of the quiz is: G.

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10 Printable Brain Teasers for Adults With Answers

Puzzles and riddles are an excellent way to keep your cognitive abilities in good shape. Take a look at these printable brain teasers for adults with answers and have hours of fun.

A brain teaser is one of the best brain exercises that you can find. They force you to think outside the box and make you think in different ways to solve a problem.

Usually, the number of brain teasers are not really popular as most people find it stressful to deal with numbers outside the work or school. You don’t have to worry as these printable puzzles include mostly lateral thinking problems for seniors.

Free Clever Brain Teasers for Adults

Here you can read online the document that includes 10 different brain teasers to exercise your mind with the most interesting puzzles.

 We recommend you to get some extra copies so you can share them with your friends and you can discuss the answers to these printable puzzles together. You can also share this page in your favorite social network.

Riddles and brain teasers are an excellent way to keep your brain active and cognitive abilities. It is recommended that you solve a different puzzle every week.

Answers to the Brain Teasers

The solution for each one of the riddles is on the last page of the free pdf with the brain teasers. Avoid taking a peek into this page until you spent at least two hours trying to solve the riddle by yourself.

These exercises are really helpful for seniors and adults. You will not only feel better about yourself and your mental skills. You will be countering the effects of short and long term memory loss thanks to these brain teasers.

Memory Exercises for adults

How To Use An Effective Memory Exercise for Adults

Try this memory exercise for adults and enhance your brain in minutes. Improve your memory with activities that help people of any age.

As we all start growing older, it might seem that our brain functions are not the same as they used to be. It becomes harder to remember things and your reaction time decreases over time.

Elder people are the ones that are most affected by this. Brain’s blood circulation is not as efficient as it used to be and neurons begin to deteriorate. It is necessary to keep the mind active to prevent any kind of memory loss.

When you begin to suffer from short term memory loss, it becomes a big problem in your life for yourself and for the people around you.

But do not worry, there are simple memory exercises designed for adults that can help you enhance your memory again. You will not have to deal with troubles trying to remember basic things.

You can try any of this brain exercise by yourself but they have proved to deliver even better results if you practice with someone else. Feel free to practice them at any time during your day.

Easy Memory Exercise for Adults – Mental Pictures

This is my favorite brain exercise because you can practice it wherever you are in the moment. It is really simple and you will see improvements in your memory after only a couple of days.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Look to any object around you that you choose for a couple of seconds.
  • Take a “mental picture” of what your eyes are seeing.
  • Turn your head away and try to remember everything you can from your mental picture.
  • Try to recall detail you can. Every object you could see, colors and their positions.
  • After you finished, look back to the first object and see how many details you got right.
  • Try again!

Do not worry if you don’t get everything right during this brain training exercise. Try to practice this at least 3 times a day and you will see fast improvements to your memory.

You will start noticing that you are remembering more and more details every time you practice this mental exercise.

Take as much time as you need when taking your mental picture. Do not feel stressed out. You can even turn it into a game and try to beat your record every time.

As you keep getting better remembering things, you can also limit your time to mention the details in your mind. This way you will also be enhancing your reaction time.

I personally recommend you to practice this with someone else. It is great to enhance the memory of children at a young age and also to prevent memory loss problems in adults.


How Vitamin B12 Can Cure Brain Fog

It is recommended to use Vitamin B12 to cure brain fog, prevent brain shrinkage, and help to enhance mental clarity. Many memory related treatments recommend using this vitamin as a supplement to help against memory loss.

Nutrition plays a big role in all your body functions including your brain. Memory loss problems are usually treated with therapies, exercises, and pills but you can also help your body to enhance your brain by changing your diet.

vitamin b12 drops mental clarityVitamin B12 has the function to help the development of your brain cells by helping them grow and creating myelin sheaths that protect them.

This is why specialist recommends supplements with Vitamin B12 to people who suffer from:

  • Brain fog.
  • Memory loss problems.
  • Poor concentration.
  • Signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Lack of mental clarity.

It is going to help you to regulate the energy levels of your brain and help you restore from cognitive problems.

You can also try with Vitamin B12 foods such as liver, sardine, beef, tuna, dairy products, and eggs. Try to add one of these foods to your diet at least once a week so your body can absorb the benefits of this vitamin.

Best Supplement for B12 Vitamin Benefits

Of course, you can also use a supplement to get the most benefits of this vitamin. As always, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

The most common presentation of vitamins are pills, but I would like to show you the Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops for boosting energy levels and metabolism.

You might wonder: What does metabolism have to do with brain fog?

The answer to this question is really simple. Have you noticed that your brain fog usually becomes way worse right after eating lunch? It is like your mind is going to slow mode, you might even feel sleepy and tired.

This brain fog is stronger because your body is using a lot of energy to digest the food from your lunch.

Sometimes it even has to drain some energy from your mind in order to do this effectively. That is the reason why your brain fog becomes even worse.

The Vitamin B12 drops will help you to counter this effect by providing you the extra energy your body needs to digest your food and enhance the functions of your brain cells at the same time.

Here is the most recommended way to use them:

  1. Shake the bottle before using it.
  2. Fill the dropper half way and place under your tongue.
  3. Hold the liquid for 20 seconds before swallowing.
  4. Repeat 1 more time.

As you can see, it is really simple and it will take you less than 1 minute to enhance your mental clarity for the whole day. I really recommend you to try out this supplement for the mind.

As you already know, brain fog can affect a lot of areas in your life. It makes you more vulnerable and the reduced reaction time might lead to accidents. Give these drops a chance and you will see amazing results.

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eyegamer memory game adult kids

Best Memory Card Game for Adults and Children

Make sure you pick this memory card game for adults and children for your home. This is one of those games that you just can’t miss, you will have a lot of fun with your family and increase your memory, focus, and concentration at the same time!

Memory card games are just amazing! I enjoyed them a lot. There is nothing better than improving your brain skills while you are having a good time.

eye gamer memory game adultsThe best thing is that you can use this kind of games to help your children to train their memory without them noticing!

You get to see them improving day by day as they keep enjoying the game with you. Before you notice you’ll be looking for a more challenging memory game after the old one becomes too easy for them.

This memory card game is also great to play with adults as there are no difficult rules to worry about.

All you need to do is to find the match to each picture and that’s it.

The Eyegamer Memory Matching Card Game can be played in only a few seconds after opening the box. Here are some quick instructions:

  1. Shuffle the deck of cards.
  2. Spread all of them face down in a table.
  3. Take turns flipping the cards to find a match.
  4. The one who gets more matches wins!

It is that simple! But what makes this memory card game from some other children games or even most of the printable memory card games for adults is that it uses shapes and contrast to work with your memory.

Remember that this game also boosts your focus and concentration instantly.

How to Pick a Great Memory Card Game

Here are a few things to consider when buying memory matching card games for kids or for adults:

Avoid matching games with cartoon or videogame characters. These pictures, while they may seem more appealing for the kids, are equally a distractor and as soon as the children lose interest in that particular characters they will also lose interest in the memory game.

Do not pick games where you need to read. Matching games with words might seem a good idea to learn new vocabulary but it will slow down the game. Also, it becomes boring after learning the vocabulary on the cards.

Pick card memory games with contrasting colors. Such as red and blue, black and white, yellow and green. This is important to also train the focus and increase the attention span of the players. This works great in kids and adults.

These are the reasons why I recommend the Eyegamer Memory Games for adults and children. They are just amazing to work with people of any age. It is not even a difficult memory game to learn for people with advanced age.

You can also find 8 different decks available so you can add more variety to your game nights. Remember that the most important part of the game is that everyone is having fun.

While you keep the game entertaining, everyone is going to keep playing it and boosting their memory capacity.

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How To Spot Causes of Working Memory Problems In Adults

In this article, we will discuss what causes working memory problems in adults and what you can do to avoid this ailment. Improve your quality of life by following a few tips to enhance your brain and memory.

There are different kinds of memory for different purposes. You probably have heard about the long term memory you use to recall things that happened a long time ago and the short term memory to remember things that just happened.

Working memory is the one in charge to make quick calculations accurately. For example, you use your working memory when you figurate out the route from one place to another or when you make small multiplications in your head.

Poor working memory can give you two possible symptoms (actually there are more but these are the easiest ones to identify):

  1. Take a long time to make a small and simple calculation. Also known as slow processing speed. The adult with this memory problem will take a long time to give an answer to an easy question.
  2. Quick but inaccurate answer. It is the most frustrating symptom of bad working memory. People with this problem will give out a quick answer to an easy problem but most of the times their response will be inaccurate.

Before I continue, let’s make something clear: most of the times poor working memory and dyslexia are not related one to the other.

While people with dyslexia might show similar symptoms to the ones I just described, the reason behind it is a bad input of information not because of a deficit in working memory.

There are other causes for working memory problems such as aging, poor diet, lack of mental exercise and even too much mental stress.

How to Treat Poor Working Memory

You always have the option to consult with a specialist if you feel that your memory is causing you enough problem in your daily life. There is nothing like a professional diagnostic when it comes to brain problems.

I also have a remedy you can try out at home at any time. This treatment for working memory is perfect if you want to improve it or if you are just starting to notice some symptoms.

working memory bookHere is a great workbook called Helping Students Remember by Milton J. Dehn filled with useful information to strengthen memory.

It is meant to help teachers with different strategies and methods to help students with memory deficit issues. But it also has great information that anyone can use.

My favorite thing about this book is that it has activities that you can try at any moment to help you train your memory.

You will learn useful techniques such as chunking, self-testing, loci, mnemonics, grouping words by category, study skills to strengthen your memory and more.

Repetition by itself is never going to help you to increase your memory. Give these techniques a try if you want to see real improvement.

We all have one memorization method that works best with our brain.

I understand that working memory problems might be really stressing but try to not worry too much about it as long as you are doing something to improve.

Set aside at least 30 minutes of your day to practice some memory enhancement tips from this book.

what is working memory

What Is Working Memory And How To Train It

Learn to activate and improve your working memory with the best training. Enhance your memory capacity with simple exercises you can do at any moment.

Working memory is the part of your brain that takes care of providing quick and accurate answers.

For example, a simple multiplication in your head, how to get back on track after a wrong turn, remembering the plate number of your car.

These problems could easily be solved by with pen and paper in a couple of seconds or taking a quick look at the source of information.

You can evaluate your working memory by comparing how fast you can recall an answer and how accurate it is. It would make no sense to get faster answers if they are not correct.

Facts About Working Memory

Before we start with the training to increase your working memory. Here is something you need to know about how it works:

  • It works with organized sequences of information. Such as learning a new phone number. It is always a constant number and not a random combination.
  • It is easily blocked by anxiety. When you feel nervous or stressed you are reducing the power of your working memory.
  • It is not related to learning. A person with good working memory might not be a quick learner.

Remember that the definition of working memory psychology is about how quick you can recall information that is already stored in your brain. Not on how fast you can record new data into your brain. In the same way, someone who is a fast learner might not necessarily have a great working memory.

Exercises to Boost Working Memory Capacity

It is pretty simple to increase your working memory. Here are a couple of exercises you can try out:

Chunking – Divide a large piece of information into small bits. Same as phone numbers are usually divided into chunks of 3 or 4 numbers. It is easier to recall 3 small chunks than a 10 digit number.

Past Comprehension – Recall the information you already know. Grab an article you feel familiar with the topic. Say to yourself as much information as you can about it and then compare it with the article. You can also use this method with chapters of literary books to increase the difficulty.

Mindfulness – Focus on “living here and now” to clear your brain fog. I already mentioned that anxiety is a huge memory blocker. Practicing relaxation techniques and meditation can do a huge difference for you.

Pick the working memory exercise you feel most comfortable with. Keep in mind that the working memory does not work learning new information. See my photographic memory training in case you want to focus on that part of your brain.

Which Legal Memory Enhancing Drugs Are Used By Students

Boost your grades up thanks to these memory enhancing drugs for students. Try out this wonderful natural nootropic that is safe to increase your focus fast.

Scientific studies show that students nowadays have increased levels of stress. Schools and colleges have been increasing the load of work a lot in the past few years.

memory enhancing drugs for students bottleIt is difficult for the average student to keep up with the stress from constant tests. Sometimes it is necessary to give your brain a little boost to deal with all the new information.

Did you know that you can take vitamins that will help you to boost your concentration?

The best of all is that we are talking about nootropics, memory enhancing drugs for students with natural ingredients. Smart drugs made to help you increase the power of your brain safely.

100% organic memory pills that are entirely vegetarian-friendly.

It is true that it is hard to find the right memory pills for you. There are many different drugs out in the market that just do not work.

That is why I have already made the research for you.

Epic Memory Enhancing Nootropic for Students

You can’t go wrong if you pick the Smarter Vitamins made from Flaxseed Oil. They are rich in L-Theanine, the best amino acid to boost your brain functions and reduce stress levels at the same time.

A pill that relaxes you and at the same time increases your focus and concentration. What I loved about this nootropic is that will not cause drowsiness.

You will quickly notice a huge drop on your anxiety levels after you see your grades going up. Also, you will feel your study sessions more productive and rewarding.

Do you know the frustration of reading the same page over and over again and not being able to remember the information?

Well, you can forget about that now!

Anyone can take the Smarter Vitamins pills as it is not made only for students. You can also take advantage of the increased concentration at work or at home.

With more mental clarity you will be able to solve common problems easily. Everyone around you will be surprised to see you taking care of every difficulty so smoothly.

It is recommended to take this memory supplement once or twice a day depending on how you feel. I only use it in the morning right after I wake up and that is enough to feel great the rest of the day.

L-Theanine is an amino acid that also works great with caffeine. That is why it is so recommended to people with busy lifestyles.

I can’t recommend this nootropic enough to boost your brain focus and mental clarity. I assure you that if you order a single bottle and test the pills for a month you will not regret it.

Your life will change forever.

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5 Memorization Techniques to Pass Any Test

Memorization techniques can help you to achieve a lot in your life. You will not have to worry about passing your exams after you have mastered these methods to learn anything.

It seems that when we need our brain the most is when it is most difficult to make it work. If you have lived through any of the following situations, then this guide is exactly what you need:

  • You read the same sentence a dozen times and you can’t memorize it.
  • You get easily distracted while you try to study.
  • At the time of the test, all the information in your brain seems to banish.
  • You keep forgetting simple things such as the place you parked your car.

First of all, you need to know that you are not alone. There are thousands of people in the world that have to deal with the same memory issues.

We have discussed many methods and techniques to enhance your memory. Exercises for your brain and training to make your recall ability stronger.

Quick Memorization Techniques

These are the perfect tips for you if you are in a hurry. Try the one that suits you better and enjoy the results. You will not have to worry about your test anymore.

You might have heard before about some popular methods like Connect & Link, mnemonics or making up a story. Do not worry because the techniques that I’ll show you today are way easier. You will be able to use them right away.

1. The Opposite Method.

Read a short sentence of what you want to learn. Then say it aloud wrong on purpose. Change a name, number or the stated facts. Your brain will correct itself making your memory stronger. It might seem a little bit weird but this is one of the most powerful memorization techniques.

2. Post-It Notes Instead of Flash Cards

Flash cards are one of the most popular memorization methods used by students. The purpose of these cards is to separate the information in short and easy chunks.

Instead, you can try to put the information in post-it notes and paste them around your bedroom. Seeing all these data days by day will help your subconscious to store everything in your brain.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Did you know that your brain is 70% water? By drinking plenty of water you will make sure that your mind is working at its full capacity. Try to replace any kind of sugary drink for water during your day.

4. Draw Diagrams of Your Notes

This technique implements the concept of repetition as you copy your notes an extra time. It will also help you to put the creative area of your brain to work, creating a stronger link in your memory.

5. Forget About Stress

Stress is one of the most common and stronger causes of memory loss. It can completely block the flow of information in your brain. Find out what worries you the most and complete a short guided meditation to release some tension.

As an extra technique to enhance your studies. You can also try to use a good luck charm for students. These trinkets are helpful to channel energies from the universe and help you to pass your examination.


How to Improve Short Term Memory Instantly

Check out this guide to improve short term memory in no time. It does not involve the use of any supplements or medicines. This is simple and pure training for your brain.

The short term memory is the one that allows you to bring to your mind things that have happened in this very same day. It allows you to remember simple things like:

  • The name of the person you just met.
  • The place you put your keys.
  • Where you parked your car.
  • Your chores and activities for the day.
  • What you have just learned in class.

By reading this list you have already noticed that you forget some of them often enough. Here you are going to learn the best method to enhance the power of your short term memory.

5-Minute Method to Improve Short Term Memory

Now that you have identified the problem, it is time to do some work and fix it. Here is a quick method that you can apply every day to strengthen your memory. The best part is that it is going to take you only 5 minutes of your time!

  1. Say the next phrase aloud: “I have a powerful memory, I can remember everything”
  2. Write down the first 3 things that come to your mind at that moment.
  3. Close your eyes and create a mental image of the things you have written down.
  4. Concentrate on your breathing and set aside any other thought or idea that might come into your mind.

This training allows you to visualize yourself with the memory you wish to have. Psychologists have proven that repeating positive affirmations can lead to a real change in our lives.

Your problem with short term memory might not come from damage in your brain but from a mental block from stress and anxiety.

Thanks to this exercise you can improve short term memory fast, it will take you a couple of minutes a day. It is important that you do not skip a single day if you want to see fast results.

I recommend you to do this short mental training as part of your morning routine after you wake up from your bed. This way it will help you to prepare your mind for your new day.

If you believe that your problem is way more serious than forgetting where you put your keys, then I recommend you to consult with a specialist.

Your brain is like any other muscle in your body. You need to work it out and take good care of it.